Aqua Gym – Alternative Fitness for a Sexy Body

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We hear and read everywhere about the importance of exercising in being healthy, young and beautiful. Thus, many of us are comfortable persons, don’t enjoy sports, are either too pretentious or do not have time, or, there are women who just don’t get along with any kind of sports.

The alternative for the boring gym exercises with “muscle” machines, or the hard work from the aerobics class, is the creative aqua gym, a great alternative so you can have a sexy body! Its more creative, fun, exciting, specially designed for people who still haven’t found the right method to make physical exercises. Aaaaaaaa! You do not need to know how to swim.

Aqua aerobics or aqua gym is a method offered many spa clubs. Takes place in a heated swimming pool, where water level does not exceed the chest area, using all sorts of colorful and fun accessories, the movement is executed in the rhythm of music, all under the careful supervision and by shore-based model offered by a specialist coach.

These kind of exercises in water were originally designed for people with problems in the joints and the spine and for pregnant women, and later it started to have more and more followers of all categories.

The advantages are many: the effort made to execute the movements is twice as hard compared to performance on land (but you are not aware about this effort, in fact you won’t feel the muscle pain as you did on aerobics classes), the environment is pleasant, sweat annoyance is avoided, the results are visible in less time, and joints are not endangered. The only problem could be skin diseases that can spread by water so we must be careful what club we choose to practice this “sport”.

So, if you do not like fitness, if you hate to run or walk in the walk, cycling, if it fails to mobilize you to do gymnastics at home, I recommend you to take into consideration the possibility of doing some aqua aerobics and believe me, it is a test that might you like.

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