pregnant woman


What Are the Benefits of Spa for Pregnant Women?

For pregnant women, massage therapy can be a good complement to prenatal care.

Pregnant at the beach

3 Tips for Choosing Dresses That Flatter the Baby Bump

It’s always exciting to get invitations for special occasions that will require you to dress up. However, having a problematic tummy area, or if you’re simply pregnant, can be a major issue if you need to wear a dress.


How to Stay Fit and Beautiful During Pregnancy

Are you pregnant? Congratulations!  If you are looking for some great tips to stay fit and beautiful during your pregnancy time, you are at the right page.

Aqua Gym – alternative fitness for a sexy body

The alternative for the boring gym exercises with “muscle” machines, or the hard work from the aerobics class, is the creative aqua gym, a great alternative so you can have a sexy body!