3 Tips for Choosing Dresses That Flatter the Baby Bump

It’s always exciting to get invitations for special occasions that will require you to dress up. However, having a problematic tummy area, or if you’re simply pregnant, can be a major issue if you need to wear a dress.
Pregnant at the beach

One important thing to remember when shopping for a dress that will not make your tummy stand out even more is to never compromise comfort. You can still feel your prettiest and sexiest without sacrificing comfort. You can be inundated with options when checking out online shops like Maternitydresses.com, so it is good to learn some tips on choosing dresses that will flatter your tummy area without sacrificing comfort:

Choose a Dress With Ruching or Draping.

If the tummy area is problematic for you, then ruching is your best friend. Dresses with ruching will help create form while camouflaging any bulges in your tummy area. Draping can also have the same effect, as well as layered dresses. Avoid any dress that is tight and clingy on the top part.

Partner It With a Long Cardigan, a Jacket, or a Poncho.

One way to disguise your tummy area is to layer fabrics. You can do this with a dress by wearing a long cardigan, a jacket, o a poncho over it. The vertical line that a cardigan or jacket will create can create the illusion of length and take the eyes away from the tummy area.

Consider Loose, Flowy Dresses or Asymmetrical Dresses.

While loose and flowy dresses will help by not clinging to your tummy area, you may also consider asymmetrical dresses. Asymmetrical dresses help draw attention away from your tummy area and create vertical and diagonal lines. These dresses help break up your silhouette, effectively disguising your tummy area.

If you are still unsatisfied with how your carefully chosen dress disguise your tummy area, choose and use shapewear under your dress.

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