French Women Are Considered to Be the Most Sophisticated in the World

Let's take a look at famous French actresses: Marion Cotillard, Brigitte Bardot or Catherine Deneuve - what do they have in common that they look so glamorous and sophisticated?
Marion Cotillard Public Enemies

France is the country that has the most women in the world… Well, if not the most beautiful (sic!) definitely they have some of the most sophisticated women. They know that beauty comes from inside, so they cultivate their inner confidence and well-being.

How they nourish their beauty? Let’s see:

They Enjoy the Most Sophisticated Cuisine in the World

French cuisine is well-known for it’s divine tastes and spectacular combinations. It’s not only very tasteful and spectacular, but also very healthy, especially in the southern France, where the mediterranean cooking is at it’s best. 

Live expectancy in France is approximately 82 years, opposed that in US which is around 78 years. So, cooking can make a real difference here!

They Take Care of Their Skin

The biggest and the most renown cosmetics companies have they origins in France. The women in France know how to take care of their skin, their mothers and grand-mothers have their beauty routines and secrets that were passed on to them. My advice: if you want some of their secrets, be-friend with a French woman and have a chat on their beauty tips.

They Wear Simple but Stylish Outfits

Coco Chanel was very stylish and she always followed her own rules that she imposed on the others around her and taught women around the world that the style refinement does not come from glamorous accessories and rich garments. A simple black dress, a red lipstick and a subtle fragrance – these are powerful tools that seduces successful men.

They Trust Themselves and They Love Their Body

You must have noticed that the French women have a great self-esteem. While other women want bigger boobs, richer hair of slender body, the French women love their body as it is. The way they feel in their own skin makes them more confident and more attractive to all around them.

In fact, France is one of the countries that accommodates a law that forbids too skinny models in print advertisements or tv ads. Their models are hired only by a medical proof that they are healthy and not under-weight. That same law says that the ads that sports retouched model photos will have a message that mentions that the pictures where manipulated.

They Are More Relaxed and They Enjoy Life More

Women in France are more relaxed and less stressed and that makes them more beautiful pure and simple. They know the “joie de vivre” way of life because they feel it daily and no expensive makeup or designer dress cannot have the same effect that joy does over a women!

How do you apply these life principles? Let me hear you in the comment below!


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