3 Hair-Loss Remedies After Chemotherapy

Cancer treatments like chemotherapy are lifesaving, but they are not without side effects. One of their unfortunate consequences is hair loss. Some people may think that hair should be the least of worries, but you won’t know how important it is until you experience losing it yourself.

Postchemotherapy patients will often have to deal with the bodily complications of the harsh treatment, so anything to help cope with the difficulties is a huge plus. The good news is that hair loss is only temporary, and growth will come back once the drugs have completely left the system. That is why hair-loss remedies are important to help the patient recoup faster.

Here are some practical tips for dealing with hair loss after cancer treatment.

Hair Care

Hair loss is one of the most visible side effects of chemotherapy. While the treatment goes after the quickly dividing cancerous cells, it, unfortunately, also goes for the healthy ones, including the hair follicles. It is important to look after yourself during these trying times, so recommended hair care should be gentle.

If you or a loved one is currently going through treatment, it is recommended to have your long hair cut shorter so it makes the balding or overall transition less sudden.When hair starts to fall out, the clumps that fall won’t be as dramatic as it would be if you had long hair. Having the choice to snip your long locks gives you a bit of control over the process.

During this time, it is important to wash your hair only every other day using nonmedicated shampoo and other gentle hair products. You can ask for advice from your radiotherapist for brand suggestions. Never rub your hair when drying it with a towel, and always use a wide-toothed comb for brushing it.

Additionally, it is not recommended to use too much heat from hair tools or have salon hair treatment of any kind. If you must tie your hair, do it loosely to be gentle on your scalp. Protect your head when sleeping by using natural fiber pillows. During the day, shield it from the elements by using a head wrap or hat.

Wear a Wig

After dealing with the treatment, it is important to keep the body active. Exercising or simply taking a walk outside may mean going out in public. If you’re uncomfortable with showing your balding head, then consider wearing a wig.

There are many types of wigs for any type of budget. Leaning on the more expensive side is the100 percent human-hair type, which looks more natural and moves like the real thing. Another type is synthetic hair, which is cheaper but may be a little difficult to style.

A wig won’t get in the way of your recovering hair scalp, and they’re easy to wear. Additionally, it makes the wearer feel empowered and self-confident.

Use Head Scarves/Hats

It is recommended to protect your head from being exposed to the sun or cold, so you’ll need to wear a head scarf or a hat. There are many options available, whether you want headwear that is specifically made for cancer patients or for everyday wear.

Luckily, most headcovers are fashionable. They’re a good option if you find wearing wigs bothersome on some days. If you’re new to headscarf tying, there are numeroustutorials you can check out.

For When Your Hair Grows Back

With persistent, gentle care, your hair may start growing back. If you’ve noticed that it is thin and wispy, make sure to continue looking after it tenderly. Postchemotherapy hair growth can break easily, so avoid massaging your head for the meantime so as not to distress the scalp.

If it manages to grow to a considerable length that is enough to be styled, consider going to a professional hairdresser. There you can ask for help with a suitable hairstyle. The hair expert may even give suggestions or tips on shampoo and products that are suitable for your scalp’s delicate condition.

Bottom Line

Don’t be alarmed if the hair that grows back will look and feel different from what it was before your cancer treatment. Sometimes, people with straight hair before will have textured curls. While most people grow their original hair back after a few years, for some,it can be permanent. People will have different experiences, so get support wherever you can.

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