About Beautips.info

You are beautiful, that’s for sure and never doubt that! But this beauty needs maintained over the years.. and don’t say “oh, nevermind, I’m 16!” because the beauty is an every age exercise.

We are, like you, active women with lots of things to do over the day, but we, like you, enjoy taking care of ourselves every day and we like to talk about it with each other. That’s why we have this place, beautips.info – a place where we can find tips for our beauty – from fashion to diet, from fitness to tanning advices. From hair styles to skin issues. From how to improve our health to how to take care of our nails.

You won’t find here advices on how to get over a breakup, or which is our best sex position.. we have Cosmopolitan for that (and we thank God for it!). We want to feel beauty, at any age.. we need advice on how to wear, what skin products to use, what is the right fitness exercise for our buttocks 🙂

That’s why we love beautips. info!
And if we ever feel to suggest tips out here or we need to comment something, we feel free to do that! Or maybe you want to get in touch with us..

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