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Beautips.info is always looking for new guest writers to join our team and contribute fresh content with guest posts.

The mission of our brand is to deliver tips for women on feeling beautiful.

By becoming a guest writer, you will be able to share your ideas, advice, and experiences that would be beneficial to our readers.

What Is in It for Me?

  1. You gain exposure for your work and enlarge your writing portfolio.
  2. You will receive a author bio at the end of every post you wrote, giving you full credit for your post and a link to your own site or social media profiles.
  3. Expand the reach of your writing via our social media promotion.

Sound Good, What Are the Rules?

After the Publication, What Can I Do More for My Piece of Content?

I Meet the Requirements, What Is the Submission Process?

First of all, email your guest blogging intention with your bio (and photo) and your post ideas at:
contact [at] beautips.info

We will be glad to get to know you!

You can also provide links to your Twitter, Facebook, Google + and LinkedIn. We will get in sync about your ideas, you will send us the guest post and we will collaborate for the final touches, if necessary.

We do not guarantee to publish every post submitted. We will choose posts that we believe to be in the best interests of our readers. It may takes us a few days to respond, but be assured that every guest post will be read and considered. We will notify you of our decision and give you feedback either way. If we choose not to publish your post, feel free to publish it elsewhere on the web.

We can’t wait your fresh ideas, let us promote you!