7 tricks to look 10 years younger

Do you feel that time goes by and it's not going to wait for you?! Well...that is, unfortunately, true. Probably you want to stop time in place and not allow him to leave his "signs" on your skin and body.
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Do you feel that time goes by and it’s not going to wait for you?! Well…that is, unfortunately, true. Probably you want to stop time in place and not allow him to leave his “signs” on your skin and body.

Solution that can stop the passage of time has not been invented yet, but you can improve the way you look through some tricks!

Here are some of them:

1. Keep in your refrigerator the sachet of used tea .
Before applying night cream, keep the sachet for 10 minutes on each eye. The cold feeling stretches the skin, and the substances in the tea make  any dark ring vanish.

2. Remove the make-up carefully!
Clean  any make-up before going to bed ,  and wash your face with cold water before applying the night cream. Choose a nutritious cream for rejuvenation. The face creams are holy and deserve all the money in the world. Buy a good expensive one, your face deserves to stay young.

3. No matter how few wrinkles on the face, do not forget the neck skin.
Do several sets of exercises: rotate the neck, but  necessarily slow. Slow rotations train muscles and allow unlocking cervical vertebrae in the area, therefore the neck should be relaxed.

4. After the passage of time, teeth may get yellow because of smoking or other factors. Make sure you visit your dentist regularly for teeth whitening and stains removing.

5. Foundation cream and  mascara  are equally important.
Don’t rush to apply only foundation cream, mascara will emphasize your eyes and rejuvenate them. Don’t exaggerate with the make-up though!

6. Keep your hands young.
Do not use powders to clean without gloves, squeeze lemons more often, do not forget the manicure done at home and hand creams.

Sports, sports, sports.
Whatever you do, ride a bike, jogging, or abdomen, do not forget them.Use your body with this natural beauty treatment.

Besides we can add many others, including modern techniques, equipment, and special serums. Eat healthy and enjoy life, after all, no matter the number of years you lived, but the way you lived them!

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