Top 10 Best Tips on Washing Your Hair

Let's discuss a few basic tips in regards to washing your hair.
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We understand that hair washing discussions can be too banal. However,the silly mistakes many of us make on the hair wash days do not go unnoticed. This is why we are taking it upon ourselves to share a few points even when one is in their advanced hair care stages. Let’s discuss a few basic tips in regards to washing your hair.

Top 10 Hair Wash Tips

1. Soaking

Hair needs to be properly rinsed before shampoo application. Soak it in water for a minute or two, for the pores to open up. Lukewarm water is recommended as hot water can dry up your hair.

2. Cold Water

Always use cold water in the final rinse. Make a point of rinsing off the shampoo and conditioner using lukewarm to cold water if possible. Cold water aids in the closure of cuticles, hence sealing a considerable amount of moisture in the strands. Cold rinsing your hair is the holy grail of all wash days.

3. Gentle Rubbing

During wash day, set aside enough time for towel drying your hair. Be gentle while at it, as harsh towel rubbing can severelydamage your hair and leave it looking dull. Gently squeeze out water from your hair, or let it air dry. This is probably the most important hair wash tip you can get from a hair expert! You should also incorporate using a microfiber towel instead of the common terry cloth kinds. 

4. Pre-Pooing

Applying some oil before shampooing never goes wrong. This is a tip that was implemented by even our grandmas. Gently massage oil into your hair 3 hours before washing your hair. Mustard, coconut or olive oil are great options. The harsh ingredients in shampoos can easily strip your hair of its essential oils, and pre-poon-ing is a great way to fight this problem.

5. Detangling

Get rid of all the knots in your hair by thoroughly detangling it. You can choose to do this either before or during shampooing. Once your hair gets wet, the detangling process becomes more hectic. Wet hair tends to be weaker and more fragile. For easier manipulation, section your hair into smaller parts. This tip tends to be ignored yet it is among the most valuable hair washing tip.

6. Diluting Your Shampoo

Thinking of throwing away that shampoo due to flaking at the temple are or hairline? Wait a minute! This tip will save you some coins. Mix your shampoo with water to lower its concentration before application on the scalp.

7. Conditioner Application

It’s finally conditioner time! You have thoroughly rinsed your hair after shampooing, and it’s time to apply the conditioner. Do not apply the conditioner on your scalp. Use a comb to ensure even distribution within the hair strands and rinse it off in 2-3 minutes. Be sure to completely rinse it off as any residue may leave to product build-up and hair damage.

8. Scrubbing

Be gentle to your scalp. Harsh scrubbing may irritate the skin on the scalp and rid it of its natural oils. Scrub your scalp in a circular motion, using your fingers to loosen any skin flakes, residue and dirt. After scrubbing, rinse off with lukewarm water.

9. Massage

Stimulate blood flow to your scalp by gently massaging it during shampooing. Remember to use the circular motion mentioned earlier from the front to the back and vice versa. Repeat this for several minutes to ensure the whole of your head is covered.

10. Hair Brushing

During your hair shower, remember to gently brush it. This will help stimulate blood circulation, prevent clogging of the pores and reduce hair loss. Hair brushing significantly reduces hair fall out and split ends.

4 Critical Mistakes Made When Washing Your Hair

1. Two-Timing of the Shampoo

Ladies love experimenting with products, especially hair products. Shampoos are not left out. When a new shampoo is launched, many jump into experimenting it on their hair. As a result, they end up using two or even three different shampoos at a time. Well, your hair may not be able to differentiate two different products, but that does not leave a leeway of trying whatever appeals to your eyes. Identify a shampoo that works best for you and stick to it.

2. Hot Showers

Hot showers may be soothing to the body muscles, but their effects on your hair are detrimental. Your hair strands end up being coarse and dull. Hot water steals moisture from your strands, leaving it unattractive and frizzy. It is advisable to take a cold shower especially if you intend to shampoo your hair as well. Actually, mixing a few drops of apple cider vinegar in cold water leaves your scalp exfoliated and your hair smooth.

3. Ignoring Hair Masks

Many women do not understand the importance of hair masks. Hair masks are a great way of protecting your hair and maintaining its beauty. They are certainly a must-have in your hair care regimen. Remember to thoroughly rinse out the hair mask when removing it to avoid any product build up.

4. Ignoring the Conditioner

This is one of the most committed crime to women’s hair. Conditioners are meant to be used, not skipped! It is an obvious necessity for thick, beautiful hair. Just remember to let the conditioners it for at least five minutes before rinsing it out.

Follow these simple twerks to glamourize your hair and keep it manageable!

Those are our top tips for washing hair and we really hope you enjoyed reading through. Feel free to share your thoughts and tips with us in the comment section below. We always appreciate your ideas!

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