4 Beauty Problems and Their Solutions

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We all deal with some beauty problems from time to time. I gathered here 4 of the most common problems and i came up with solutions!

Your Skin Has Lost Its Elasticity

Morning routine: It is advisable to neutralize free radicals with a cocktail of antioxidants and provide added skin collagen. Apply on clean face – Collagen Booster, Dr. Brandt, find it on Amazon with 75$ will stimulate the production of collagen which restores the skin, providing flexibility and implicitly has anti-wrinkle effect.
Evening routine: Accompany your sleep with the eye mask – Cupron. Contains copper oxides which give excellent elasticity and tone to your tired skin.

Swollen and Ringed Eyes

Morning routine: Apply a soft eye mask (or two slices of fresh cucumber, from the refrigerator). This can speed up the process to decongest the area. Apply then – Reversalist Anew, from AVON, with around 20$, will light up the eye area.

Evening routine: I really recommend a best seller when it comes to beauty: Cream – Contour des Yeux – StriVectin-SD with 99$ from Amazon.com.


Morning routine: Start the day with a facial massage that you can do quickly even while waiting the coffee to boil. If you are too sleepy, then buy – Revitalift System Pro Reconturant by L’Oreal Paris,   successfully combining massage with an effective cream.
Evening routine: Try the organic restructuring cream –Rejuvenating dry skin,  is excellent.

Dehydrated Skin

Morning routine: A thermal water jet will awaken you and give your face extra hydration. After this, break in the palm a moisturizing capsule and rub it on your face. Get a lip balm – Magic Lips and Cheek, Givenchy, find it on Amazon.com with 54$ is truly magical.

Evening routine: Do not hesitate to buy a more expensive cream. It has a special texture and indeed acts while you are sleeping.

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