Tips About Facial Lifting Procedure

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Most women are interested from a certain age… about face lifting. This article comes into your help with little, but basic information about facial lifting. Afterwards, read more on other more informative websites.

The Ideal Candidate for Facial Lifting

The best candidates for such a procedure are those patients whose face and neck are sinking but the skin is still flexible and bone structure is strong and well shaped.

Many are 40 to 60 years but age is no object for a face lifting.

Types of Face Lifting

Generally there are two types of facial lifting: surgical and non-surgical one. The surgical lifting can include the following operations:

  1. Classical
  2. Forehead surgery
  3. Blepharoplasty

Non-surgical facial lifting:

  1. Peeling
  2. Botox injection
  3. Wrinkles remission
  4. Lifting based on special crèmes and cosmetic equipments

Facial Lifting Based on Special Cremes and Cosmetic Equipments

This type of face lifting stimulates and masses the skin; revives the vital nutritive substances; generates improved oxygen; offers you a lifted, fortified and firm face.

Derma Wand for example is one of those equipments used for treating and taking care of your skin. It generates ozone, which is a powerful oxidizer that enables germs to be discharged from the skin surface.

Derma Wand is a portable version of the equipments used in beauty salons around the world that helps you action against wrinkles without any surgical procedure.

The Preparation for Surgery Procedures

Your surgeon will give you specific instructions about the ante-surgery preparation concerning the diet, smoking, taking drugs or vitamins.

Only if you strictly follow his instructions you will bring your contribution to a normal running of the surgery procedure. If you are smoking, it is important to stop it at least two weeks before the operation, because smoking encumbers the blood circulation toward skin and may have a negative impact on the recovery process. If you have close hair, let it grow, so that you can hide the scars until they are completely recovered.

Make sure you will be attended to the post-surgery medical controls.

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