5 Beauty Tips to Keep in Handy

Once in a while we stumble upon some really cool beauty tips and tricks that, after reading them leaves us wondering: "why didn't I knew that before?"

So here are 4 beauty tricks and one health tip, that translates ultimately to our beauty, so, follow me:

5 Handy Beauty Tips

Perfume Should Be Applied Only on Hydrated Skin

On dry skin, the alcohol will evaporate fast, including the perfume’s notes. To avoid the scent to be affected at all, use a scent-less body creme or the attached lotion to the perfume (if exists).

Of course, you don’t hydrate your skin just before you apply perfume, but you must keep your body well hydrated all the time so, drink plenty of water, my dear friend! 

Don’t Throw Away Your Old Friend, the Razor

Ever since electric epilators or the IPL technique, the razor was ignored, although is the only capable to unblock the follicles under the skin. Use it after the waxing or even after electric procedure to gently exfoliate the skin

The Hair Should Be Colored at a Beauty Salon at Least Once Every Three Months

The pigment in the professional coloring products is stronger than the supermarket products, but the formulas are friendlier with your hair. You can make 2-3 roots retouching at home, between the salon visits. 

You Cannot Get Rid of Cellulite Forever, but You Can Prevent It

The cellulite doesn’t care about your body shape (it’s not about the fat in your body) but is generated by the faulty blood circulation, hormonal imbalances, stress or diets lacking of nutrients. The cremes are pretty useless if those factors will not be reduced, so you have to check your health yearly and try as much as you can to have a healthy lifestyle!

And don’t forget the massage, it’s a great ally in improving your blood circulation right under your skin!

Antioxidants Are Your Beauty’s Best Friends

They represent the first line of defense in neutralizing the free radicals. Take supplements and foods rich in antioxidants – Vitamin C, E, green tea, Sulforaphane (found in broccoli and stimulates the natural body antioxidant system).

But don’t drink too much wine to have those antioxidants, the alcohol does far more damage to your body!

Maybe we will compile that kind of beauty tips in a booklet or something, to keep them handy. What is your personal beauty tips list? Let me know in the comments below!

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