Summer Test: What Is the Real Age of Your Skin?

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Our skin reflects health, life style and our general condition. In this hot and dusty summer, take this test and find out the real age of your skin. This way you will know how to treat it better.


1. You clean your face:
a) Twice a day
b) Three times a day
c) Only once per day

2. You are exposed to the sun:
a) Never
b) Some times
c) Almost every day

3. Your meals are:
a) They contain a variety of foods
b) Balanced
c) I eat what I get the change

4. Where do you first see the signs of aging?
a) Around the eyes
b) Near my mouth
c) On my neck and decolletage

5. How is your mother’s skin?
a) She’s passes 50 but her skin looks firm
b) With slight creases
c) She has a real problem with wrinkles

6. Do you smoke?
a) No
b) From time to time
c) Yes

Test Results:

Majority of “a”:
Congrats: Your Skin Is Healthier and Younger Than You Are!

Our skin is a complicated organ, a live tissue and in the same time is the first renewing layer. The health condition of your skin is in close relationship with internal factors: fatigue, diet and hereditary factors, and external factors: pollution and sun. You are a lucky woman, or, you may the one of the few that respects the rules for a healthy looking skin. Keep up the good work and maintain your skin young!

Majority of  “b”:
Your Skin Has the Same Age as You Do

A correct cleaning routine slows down the aging process; a healthy diet and a minimum level of stress also contribute to a healthy looking skin. If you avoid as much as possible smoking, sun exposing and pollution and if you follow a strict cleaning and hydrating program every day, with the help of a special cream that fights against wrinkles’ appearance, you may be a lucky winner. This is the key that will help you maintain your skin at the same age as yours.

You have to apply special day cream with SPF and night cream that will stretch your complexion.

Majority of “c”:
You Skin Is Older Than You

We can determine someone’s age following the clues that her/his skin offer us. It is essential that you start following a program that will clear out some years off your face. It is not OK to look older than you really are, and it is even worst if you try to hide this with extra make-up.

Beauty tips for renewing your skin:
Skin care: Make sure that you use make-up remover every night before going to sleep and in the morning before applying make-up. Also, you can make abuse of hydration! Use special creams like: Clinique Superdefense, you can find it on It is worth every penny!

Diet: Eat healthy, a lot of vitamin A, C and E. It is necessary to offer the popper “food” to your tissues. Also, try beta-carotene to protect yourself against UVA and UVB rays.

Life-style: Avoid as much as possible sun exposing, pollution, smoking (active or passive).

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