Skincare in the Cold Season

Winter is the most dangerous period of the year for your skin, it is making it more sensitive and dry. Find out how you can protect yourself and have beautiful skin with 6 elementary skincare steps for the cold season!

With the end of summer, we forget to use sun protection for our skin, or to maintain its hydration, believing that they are less (or not) important.

Unfortunately, however, winter can be much more damaging for our skin – cold, wind and rain dries the skin and makes it become more sensitive and vulnerable to microbes. In addition, you must pay attention to health and keep yourself beautiful, especially during the approaching holidays…

Follow the 6 Tips Below and Take Care of Your Beautiful Skin!

After each washing, dry your hands completely and hydrate them with soothing cream. To make sure that you won’t miss this ritual, buy 3 tubes of your favorite cream and place them near your sinks: bathroom, kitchen and near your bathtub.

Changing food can help your skin. Cold food and drinks slowed down your metabolism and blood circulation, while the hot ones stimulate them, help them to relax.

Use cream with sunscreen when you are not inside. Snow and ice reflect sunlight, increasing your skin exposure to damaging rays. Surely, winter is not the best season to drop the SPF!

The most important rule to protect your skin is to keep it hydrated. So, whatever you do, try to drink plenty of water and eat fruits and vegetables – as you can see, this rule is applicable for the hot/cold season :).

Use a moisturizer with high penetration power. It will penetrate deep into the layers of your skin, protecting it from the drying effect caused by cold winter and heating installation.

Buy a few tubes of lip balm, and put them in your purse, at the office, in the bathroom and car. This is one of the key products of the season, which will keep the lips smooth and soft, ready to be kissed!

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