How to Make a Perfect Pedicure at Home? Tips for a Successful Pedicure

Many of us are afraid to check the beauty salons because we are afraid of not properly sterilized instruments, right? Or sometimes we do not have time to go to our favourite beauty salon. For your pedicure, whether you choose the beauty salon or you prefer to do your pedicure at home, you should not forget, ladies.. the legs deserve to be pampered as much as the hands, especially in summertime!

Never Did Your Pedicure at Home?

Doing your pedicure at home can be a test of fire, especially for beginners, because it is a shiny operation that takes time and patience. Sometimes there are some inconveniences: you get numb because of the awkward position you have to adopt, and you are struggling with proper nail care (you need to clean the cuticles carefully and give each nail the same shape).

That’s why many women prefer to go at a specialized salon, but the most affordable option, both in terms of budget and time perspective, remains the home pedicure ritual. The good news is that things are not so bad if you follow some well-established steps to get a beautiful pedicure, but also the whole ritual to be a pleasant and not a painful one. Pedicure at home can be more enjoyable if you create a relaxing atmosphere. So, put on the music, light scented candles, and just take a warm bath before. Sounds good, right? It is healthy and relaxing to give yourself such a pampering once – twice a month, when you know you have enough time at your disposal.

The most important thing is to buy a good manicure/pedicure kit. Some good tools will greatly make your work easier. 

There are different types of pedicure and if you decide for a home pedicure, let me present you some essential tips that every woman should know for the general process:

10 Tips for a Great Pedicure at Home

  1. Remove any traces of nail polish
  2. Put your feet in a hot water basin where you put an effervescent pill for the pedicure and keep it for 10 minutes. You can add also some salts or bath oils, they will soften your legs. Now it’s time relax with your favorite magazine or listen to some music.
  3. Clean your feet and heels with a pedicure pillow until you remove all dead skin and possible crutches.
  4. Exfoliate your feet with a special exfoliation beauty product. Put the composition in your palms and then massage each leg by making circular movements and insisting on the heel area. Finally, rinse them and wipe them with a towel. Beauty tip: If you prefer the natural products, do yourself a scrub of olive oil and salt or brown sugar.
  5. Choose the nail shape (square or round). Cut it with a special nail fork, bringing it to the desired size. It is good not to shorten your nails too hard because they can become painful and unsightly, but do not let them too big, because they can bother you.
  6. Apply cuticle oil on the cuticle and around the nail to soften the hardened areas of skin. You can push the cuticles with a stick, but if you do not have time to do it, jump over it (the cuticles are not as visible as hands, and if you apply the oil it is enough).
  7. Now it’s time for the most enjoyable moment: massage your feet with a moisturizing cream. Your legs will be grateful to you, be sure of that!
  8. Degrease the surface of the nail with a dehydrator, and then, apply a base to protect the nail.
  9. If you have time, before applying the nail polish to the nail, after the nail care part of the home pedicure, try a little treatment with the paraffin for the feet. It can do miracles in dry and rough legs!
  10. At the end, apply the desired nail polish and a top coat for a luster.

As you can see it’s seems like a lengthy and not so easy-to-do process, because of all the steps that you have to follow. But, if we look more closely at the benefits, all it seems so easy and pleasant. Come on girls, light some candles, put on the music and let’s pumper our legs, this can be very enjoyable!

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