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Learn the Causes and Treatments for an Ingrown Toenail

Onychocryptosis is a medical condition for an ingrown toenail. This painful feet condition affects many people in the US. Toenails grow over the skin while protecting sensitive skin beneath the nail.

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Why You Should Massage Your Foot Before Bed (#10 Surprising Reasons)

Take good care of your feet and beside the continuous skin care, do a massage before bed time. This has a great deal of benefits, I will compile them below.


The Beauty Tips You Need to Have Forever Younger Hands & Feet

Very visible signs of ageing occur on our hands. Even just from looking at someone’s hands, we can estimate their age pretty well. Another part of our body that can reveal our age is our feet.

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How to Take Care of Your Feet After a High Heel Hangover

A pair of high heels is one piece that provides a lean, tall and a long instant look for your legs, most of the wardrobes will be incomplete without the high heel. Though wearing high heels are not suitable for health, most of the women love wearing it due to the glamour look they provide in overall.


How to Make a Perfect Pedicure at Home? Tips for a Successful Pedicure

Many of us are afraid to check the beauty salons because we are afraid of not properly sterilized instruments, right? Or sometimes we do not have time to go to our favourite beauty salon. For your pedicure, whether you choose the beauty salon or you prefer to do your pedicure at home, you should not forget, ladies.. the legs deserve to be pampered as much as the hands, especially in summertime!