Why You Should Massage Your Foot Before Bed (#10 Surprising Reasons)

Almost everyone loves to take a good foot massage because it gives much relief to that person. It applies specifically to someone who spends most of the time standing. It is also because the foot is considered to be the most important part of the body and it is continuously involved in supporting your weight. 

Not only that, it helps to keep us mobile and also take us many places throughout the day. On the other hand, it is also very much neglected and this is the main reason whyit should be taken care of. 

Usually, a simple foot massage received at home is considered to give your foot the break that it needs. So, to end your day, it is advised to preferably receive a foot massage in bed because of its numerous health benefits. 

Sometimes, it preferably becomes very much important to massage your foot before bed. There are usually many of the unexpected health benefits of receiving a foot massage before bedtime. Here are given ten most surprising reasons behind that. 

Surprising Reasons and Health Benefits of Foot Massage

1. It Helps to Make You Feel Relaxed

Firstly, it plays a great role in making us feelrelaxed. This is because, aftera tiring as well as long day, a massagecan preferably help to get our stress away. There is no such person who does not like pampering their feet by giving it a gentle stroke and also pulling and pressing it.  So, it helps to give a relaxed feelafter a hectic day. 

2. It Promotes Better Sleep

It also helps to promote a good and sound sleep if taken at the bedtime certainly because it helps to get away all our stress. Along with that, it also contributes a lot tothose who are suffering from any kind of sleep disorders. 

So, you would be greatly benefitted with the help of foot massage which is taken before bed. If done in the rightmanner, foot massage usually aids better sleep. 

3. It Improves Blood Circulation

Goodhealth is generally maintained with the help of goodblood circulation. There is a great risk of experiencing several health problems like organ damage, kidney and heart problems as well as high blood pressure in case your blood gets restricted and also does not circulate freely.

But, in order to get the benefits, it is preferably required to put pressure on the right point. 

4. It Helps With Different Kinds of Pains and Aches

After a long day of tiring work, a foot massage can be considered as the most needed thing as it helps to get rid of all sorts of pains and aches. Not only that, butit also helps in providing greatrelief from the back pain which can occur because of working all day at the front in front of the computer. 

5. It Helps in the Reduction of PMS Symptoms

PMS is a huge problem and so, it becomes very much difficult to deal with it. A lot of pain is experienced by women and also they have to deal with a lot of changes occurring in their bodies. So, in the caseof PMS, it is advised to give a foot massage to the person before bed. 

6. It Helps With Flat Feet and Also Heel Pain 

If you have any sorts of experience of feeling pains ion your heels after waking up in the morning, then it is possible that you are suffering from plantar fasciitis which is considered to be a common cause of heel pain. 

So, to get rid of these problems, professional treatment, as well as therapy, might be the best ways. But, also, the pain can be alleviated by getting a foot massage before going to the bed. 

7. It Helps With Migraines and Headaches

It feels frustrated when you tried to sleep with a headache and you woke up finding it to be much stronger. 

In that case, you should ask someone to preferably give you a foot massage. So, it is clear that foot massage can help a lot in terms of giving relief from headaches and migraines. 

8. It Helps to Reduce Depression

Night time is considered to be that time when we think about our lives because it is one of the loneliest times of the day for some of the people. In case you find yourself suffering from depression, then you should consider taking a foot massage and that too before going to bed. 

This is because according to many of the studies a self-givenfoot massage is a major way as it helps to deal with the feelings of depression as well as stress. 

9. It Helps With Restless Leg Syndrome or RLS

People who are suffering from Restless Leg Syndrome or RLS find it very much difficult to have a good sleep during the night because of several neurological disorders. 

So, if you are suffering from the RLS and also want to achieve a better quality sleep during the night time then in that case, you have to opt for a foot massage at night in order to gain a good sleep. As a result, you can preferably achieve an undisturbed sleep of eight hours. 

10. It Helps in the Achievement of a Healthier Sex Life

This fact is not backed by science bout there are so many reasons forbelieving this particular fact. Most of the people believe that by giving a good foot massage to your partner before bed usually helps in the maintenance of a healthier sex life. 

Also, it helps to make them feel good as all sorts of tension brought during the day time are eased up with the help of a good foot massage. 

As a result, it contributes to play a great role and help to make your partner relaxed and so, he/she may feel much more enthusiastic than the previous and so, it helps to get back the favor before going to the bed. 


In this way, it is evident from the above section, that it is very much important to opt for a foot massage before bed. It can be either from yourself or someone else but you will certainly enjoy with the help of a few minutes foot massage before going to the bed. 

It is also required to consider the benefits which are associated with the foot massage. Along with that, in order to get a spa at home feel, you should not forget to take the lotions or oils and also warm towels. 

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