Your Guide to Natural Anti Aging Facial Serums

Is your skin sensitive, oily or dry? There is a serum designed specifically for your skin type. Even if your skin is prone to flare ups and break outs, you can trust a natural serum not to cause any of that.

Serums have been designed to meet specific or target skin issues through their small size that allows infusion into the deepest skin layers and cells. Therefore, pigmentation, hydration or fine lines will be solved with use of facial serums. They come packaged with a high concentration of ingredients, making them more active and they lack mineral oils and petroleum.


The time of use will vary depending on the expected results. Some are used in the morning but most of them are used at night, especially the ones with CoQ10 and vitamin A as the main ingredients. These ingredients penetrate the skin via pores, boosting moisture thus leaving the skin hydrated and youthful and plump. However, most serums need to be applied once and/or twice daily on the face and neck.

Technological Applications Used in Serums

A question commonly asked is, what technology makes serums that effective? The answer to this would be:

Vitamins and essential fatty acids: they have rejuvenating, regenerating and anti aging effects. Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and collagen production effects are exhibited by these biomolecules.

Chlorella Growth Factor: that promotes replication of DNA and RNA resulting in efficient metabolism.

Plant stem cells: effective in collagen synthesis, cellular renewal, anti-oxidation and anti aging. These applications run at the cellular level yielding positive results.

Best Available Serums

There are many natural types of serums made to fix or enhance particular features. This means that you must use a serum that will benefit you the most. You should however note that all serums enhance youthfulness. The best include:

1. Anti Aging Serums

This natural anti aging serum has 100% active serum structured to offer deep tissue repair, skin firming and continuous cellular regeneration.

The anti aging serums have a BioComplex that has been proven to accelerate age reversal processes. Wrinkles and fine lines have been shown to reduce significantly with use of the anti aging serums. The added stabilized skin soluble vitamin C enhanced collagen production and enhanced firmness.

Available anti aging serums work for all skin types and they promote hydration and cellular oxygenation. Recommended use – once or twice daily on face and neck.

2. Brightening Serums

Are you tired of the blemished skin? If yes, then know that there is a solution designed specifically for you. Skin brightening serums have licorice root extracts and other formula ingredients responsible for brightening the skin naturally, lightening, reducing discolourations as well as age spots. Works well if applied to cleansed and exfoliated skin before an anti-age and moisturizing oil is used.

3. a Blemish Support Serum

This can also be used for a clearer and healthier skin. It has antibacterial and antimicrobial activity as well and balances sebum secretion for a less oily skin.

4. Daily Repair Serum

Your skin is bombarded with thousands of dust particles as well as chemicals. These affect the skin cells and repair is important. The daily repair serum accelerates cellular and tissue repair and renewal.

In conclusion, the best natural serum has active natural ingredients from plant extracts.  You will benefit more from the serums if you apply it on a clean and dry pat skin. Consequently, you will end up with the most beautiful skin.

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