10 Things You Should Avoid When You Are Wearing Heels

Heels can be quite painful sometimes, no matter how comfortable you may claim it. To make your life simpler, you need to keep in mind these ten things that you shouldn’t do when you wear heels.

1. Don’t Purchase It Without Trying

You are already aware of what your foot size is, but remember that sizes always varies from brand to brand or country to country. Even if you are in a hurry and need to choose a pair of heels in a rush, you should always try it before you decide to purchase it. The right size makes all the difference. You can only identify how comfortable a pair of heels are if you try them.

2. Don’t Invest in Low-Quality Heels

It is very enticing to get a pair of heels from a store that has a clothing sale, especially when you can get them at a very low price. However, you shouldn’t invest in heels with low quality. In the long run, the wrong kind of heels can give painful impacts to your legs and back. Even though cheap shoes might make you stand out at a party, their durability is still not an assurance.

3. Don’t Pick Heels With Thin Soles

Heels might look appealing if it has a thin sole in the front. However, these types of heels are very uncomfortable, particularly if they are very high. A thin sole in the front will only put too much pressure on your feet which makes the shoes difficult to wear for too long. They will just harm your feet eventually. Choose those shoe styles which have a bit of thick sole in the front to prevent your feet from getting hurt.

4. Don’t Wear the Wrong Size

You might hear that some other celebrities wear bigger shoe size than their actual size, it’s because they are comfortable and the shoes are easier to wear for longer periods. That might be an acceptable thing to do, but if you don’t attend a red carpet event, you must wear heels that are your exact size. A smaller or bigger size can only lead to unnecessary discomfort and injury in your feet.

5. Not Enough Coverage

Styles of heels which have an elegant design on the front seem unarguably girly and sexy. However, these heels are not comfortable to walk around. It’s not that you won’t get cute heels that will make your feet relaxed, but at least you have to make sure that the design gives enough support to your feet in the form of buckles and straps.

6. Not Breaking Into Your Heels

You just recently bought a new pair of shoes because you will be attending a party, and you still haven’t tried them even once. You should at least wear them at home and get used to them. Walk around wearing those heels for a while before you use them for a party that will last long. The shoes will adjust a little bit, and they will become more comfortable.

7. Don’t Wear Your Heels Without Taking Breaks

You might agree that no matter how comfy you might think your heels are, they are still heels after all. Wearing them for extremely extended periods of time can only hurt your feet. It is always an excellent idea to sit down for a while, remove your shoes and take a break from it for at least ten minutes. It will make it easier for you to survive longer events without killing your feet.

8. Don’t Wear Heels With No Support

You should always invest in heels with straps or ties. You might get worried that your heels might slip off your feet while walking which is very annoying. There might be some instances that you have to drag your feet just to prevent your shoes from coming off. Get a pair of heels that has a buckle or straps so that you won’t have something to worry about when you are wearing a great outfit.

9. Wearing Only Pointed Toe Heels

Pointed shoes are indeed very classy. But if you decide to wear them every day, it is not the best idea if you want to be more comfortable. Pick open toe heels for daily wear so that you can stretch your toes without even taking off your shoes. Heels with an open toe can look just as sophisticated if you just choose the right style.

10. Don’t Walk Improperly

A pair of stylish heels have the ability to make or break a look, and if you do not walk in them correctly, they can only make you feel uncomfortable, and it will just make a great outfit look scruffy. Master how to walk while wearing your heels, and slowly go from slight high heels to very high heels.


Regardless of the reigning popularity of flats and sneakers, high heels will always be around. It is safe to say that wearing heels is not always a stroll in the park. Achy arches and sore ankles are anything but ideal. So if you go to any events which require you to wear heels, you might as well increase the comfort level in any way that you can. 

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