The DON’TS to Get Rid of Those Cracked, Flaky and Chapped Lips

Today, you might think that your lips are kissable and naturally red, yet tomorrow, you might think that you’re out of blood.
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Unlike other facial features such as nose, ears and eyebrows, your lips’ appearance can change daily. Your lips are your facial assets, making you look blooming and alive. However, those pretty babies of yours aren’t always as beautiful as you want them to be because of many factors that affect them negatively. One of the things that everyone hates about their lips is when they get super dry! Ugh, exactly! These are annoying moments when your lips are hurting, peeling off and you feel like it’s inflamed. That’s when you can’t eat properly or face other people confidently because of your lips!

Your lips aren’t supposed to worry you like that! Aside from your handy lip balm, there are other things you need to do and observe. Here are the DON’TS when it comes to taking care of your lips so you’d be able to get rid of those cracked, flaky and chapped lips.

Don’t Lick Your Lips

I’m putting this first on the list since the first thing that comes to your mind to avoid those dry chapped lips is to wet them effortlessly with your own saliva. You’ll probably say it’s alright since it actually literally undries your lips, and who cares? It’s your saliva after all. That’s the misconception a lot of people aren’t aware of! There are enzymes in your saliva that leads to sore lips and irritation. The natural oils existing in your lips will most likely be wiped out by saliva. You may think that your lips get moisturized through licking them, but the truth is doing so can leave your lips drier than before.

Don’t Breathe Through Your Mouth

You might think, “What?! Even breathing isn’t so good at all?!” Mouth breathing to be exact. Mouth breathing can immensely dry the mouth generally, drying out soft tissues. Incessant air flowing in the mouth is dries lips. It adds humidity to lips since breath is humid. When you wake up with dry and cracked lips, it just means you slept with your mouth open, allowing air to flow continuously the whole time. Breathe through your nose. 

Don’t Just Use Any Lipstick

Don’t just use a lipstick without knowing its chemical contents. Don’t choose lipsticks with drying ingredients. The matte lipstick is unique; ‘non-shiny-but-appealing’ is its peg, yet the oil present in them isn’t enough to say that it moisturizes the lips. Avoid irritants from beauty products.  Look out for lipsticks with Macadamia oil, Shea Butter and Vitamins A and E because they’re the healthy options. Of course, you can choose among the many lipstick types, but this is just a reminder to always give importance to the health of your lips more than its appearance.

Don’t Touch Those Lips

First of all, your hands are usually dirty, so they can’t be put on your lips and in your mouth. You can easily transfer germs by doing that. Touching them will tempt you to pick at them, peel them off and bite them and will lead you to feel that it’s actually alright until you taste blood. You can wound your lips with that. Instead of getting your lips better, you just made healing take a longer way. Keep those hands off your lips.

Don’t Drink Too Much Citrus

When you have dry lips, citrus drinks don’t help as much as water does. You know that citrus taste salty, and your face suddenly gets distorted upon feeling the sting. Citrus drinks dry the lips; drink plenty of water instead.        

Don’t Ask Them to Pass the Salt

Salty foods aren’t advisable if you don’t want chapped lips. Consume too much salt or vinegar, and you’ll see how your lips turn extremely pale and poor. Salt desiccates the lips.

Don’t Eat Spicy Foods

Not everyone loves spicy foods, but if you’re one of those who do, then this tip is exactly for you. Just like salt, the spice definitely causes swelling and irritation so skip on those chili hot flavored meals and chips.

Don’t Forget to Moisturize Them

Obviously, if you don’t want dry, chapped lips, you got to wet them, again, not by licking but by moisturizing them with the proper products. Choose the hypoallergenic ones. Use healthy and safe lip balms and creams, appropriate for your lips. 

Don’t Buy Lip Products Just Because of Affordability, Appearance and Convenience

It’s very dangerous to purchase just any lip product you find cute or see online. The problematic case you’ve probably heard is some purchased tints and balms along the streets or online in very affordable prices; after use, they got bad results, and found out that the products are fake or made of harmful chemicals. You might think that it’s convenient to buy online, and it’s not bad as long as you really do a background check on the seller. Buying lip products just along the streets is a no-no. Don’t settle for those just because it’s convenient. The cost for your lips and health could be greater.

Don’t Leave Your Hanky or Mask at Home

Aside from sunscreen and petroleum jelly, another very practical and easy way to protect your lips is to bring your handkerchief or put on your mouth mask. The wind is obviously not clean, and getting exposed to it can cause those chapped lips.

Lips are naturally beautiful and appealing. You see your lips aren’t the same with your friend’s lips or anyone else’s because they are among the most unique parts in the human body. You may notice that parts like hair, nose and hands of different people may look alike, but with the lips, stare at them to know that they aren’t. They are even among the most flexible parts of your body as you discover that you can do a lot to your lips. That’s why you must take care of your lips! They’re one of a kind. Cracked, flaky and chapped lips aren’t full of life, and so does you whenever you have these. Make sure you don’t just remember what to do to them, but also take note of the don’ts to keep them alive and vibrant.

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