9 Beauty Tips and Tricks for This Summer

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Can I Makeup When I Go to the Beach?

Of course! Just be careful that the makeup is not a sharp, screaming makeup. Beauty tip: nude makeup works best! Choose a tinted hydrating cream with a high protection factor to cover the small facial imperfections and choose natural colors for eyelids and lips – pale peach, peach, gold or bronze. Avoid sticky and creamy cosmetics because you will find yourself melting and running on your face.

I Sweat Too Much in Summer, What to Do?

Don’t consume too cold or too hot drinks or food during the day. Also, avoid spicy foods (they jumpstart a body protection by sweating), coffee and sweets. Have scottish showers in the morning and in the evening, and before going home make a shower of cold water. Hydrate yourself during the day, drinking water and protect your head with a sun hat.



My Hair Is Very Dehydrated and Sunburned. What to Do?

Sunlight affects the health of hair that dehydrates badly, losing its natural color. To revive it, use a shampoo for damaged hair when you wash your hair, and finally apply a balm based on peppermint oil from 3-4 centimeters down to the tips. Let the conditioner act for a few minutes, and then rinse hair with lukewarm, not hot! Hydrate yourself well throughout the day!

I Can Not Stand the Smell of My Sunscreen, What Can I Do?

Well, choose products that contain no oils and no perfume, and there is a recommendation! So, your sunscreen will protect you from UV rays without creating any discomfort. You will forget you put it on!

If I Use Lip Gloss Without SPF but a Very Bright One, Do I Risk Sunburn?

Yes it is true! Lips may suffer from sunlight, too. They dehydrate very strongly, will become harsh, and you will feel a discomfort. If you use in sunlight lip balm without sunscreen, then, indeed, you will have a problem. And especially if the gloss is fat and very bright. What to do? Besides the fact that the product must have a protective factor, just choose glosses that are colored! The transparent ones will let the sun’s rays make damages, at least the coloured ones will help prevent the rays from affecting your lips that much.


Because of the Sun, the Eyebrows Become Faded. What to Do?

It’s simpler than you could imagine! Because sunlight fades the hair, all you have to do is use a little sunscreen. Pour a few drops onto a cleansing disc and gently massage your eyebrows. The high SFP will protect them and preserve their natural color during summer.

Small Scars on the Face Seem to Notice Better in Summer. How Can I Mask Them?

Use a fluid, high-strength and water-resistant skin foundation. That’s when you go to the pool or you just don’t want your makeup stretching over your face because of sweating over the day.

I Want This Summer a Bright Look, Not an Oily Skin. What to Do?

As for eyeliner makeup, you should avoid cream-colored hair. Just choose those that are powdery, peeled. As for genes, use a waterproof mascara. Beauty tip: to fix the makeup, at the end, use a powder.

Last Year’s Sunscreen Products Are Also Effective This Year?

Look at the product label and see exactly the expiration date! If it’s over, creams or sprays can be discarded as they will no longer protect you from ultraviolet rays. If the product does not have the label anymore, you should know that certain ingredients such as zinc or titanium dioxide lasts for three years.

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