The DON’TS to Get Rid of Those Cracked, Flaky and Chapped Lips

Today, you might think that your lips are kissable and naturally red, yet tomorrow, you might think that you’re out of blood.


How to Lighten Dark Lips

Lightening dark lips not only add radiance to your face but also create you an attractive pout.

Winter Skincare

Healthy Moisturized Lips During Winter Time

Cold weather affects your lips? Here are some simple, natural and cheap, methods that will help you get rid of discomfort and cracked lips and keep them soft and smooth for a long time.

Beautiful lips

How to Wear Red-Lipstick in Order to Match Your Skin Tone

Learn how to match the correct shade of red-lipstick, to perfectly complement you skin tone.

Beautiful lips

How to Take Good Care of Our Sexy Lips?

Simple tricks can keep you away from unwanted problmes. For instance, these tips here help you prevent and treat dry, cranked lips.

Beauty Concept – Woman applying red lipstick with pink studio background. Beautiful girl makes makeup.

Lips Makeup – Tips for Perfect Lips

The mouth is considered the “face flower “, so we will need to pay attention, especially if the lips have some imperfections.

Portrait beautiful woman with jewelry

What Makeup to Wear to Match Your Haircolor

I will teach you something new now… how to wear your makeup, so it can be in perfect harmony with your hair color.

Portrait beautiful woman with jewelry

Hot Tips for Makeup in the New Years Eve

Here are some quality tips about how to choose the right make-up for that awesome night between the years.

Tips for autumn make-up

In this article we offer you a short description of autumn make-up…what you should wear in this fall…even though, we all know that trends come and go :).

Tips for perfect summer make-up

Summer is saying “no” to excess make-up. So, we prepared some advice for you, what tips to follow for a great summer natural make-up.