How to Lighten Dark Lips

Lightening dark lips not only add radiance to your face but also create you an attractive pout.

First of All, What Causes Dark Lips?

  1. Dryness; the lips can lose moisture for a given reason. Lip lickers also face dry lips that may cause cracking chapping of lips.
  2. Lifestyle and habits; smoking and alcohol taking has been associated with darkening of the lips. The smokers’ melanosis is caused especially to smokers. Dehydration that occurs to alcoholics may cause dryness of the lips hence darkening of the lips.
  3. Cosmetics or lip products; this is especially for the women who apply make ups on the lips that may cause darkening of the lips. The inferior lip products is formulated with chemical materials that are harmful to the lips. Expired products may also harm your lips

Three Home-Made Solutions to Lighten Your Lips

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is effective in correcting various skin blemishes. It is well known for the treatment of dark spots on the face, removal of acne scars, and also for skin lightening. Similarly lemon is suitable for lightening dark lips instantly. squeeze the juice and apply on your lips before getting to bed.

Cucumber Slices

This is also a natural lip lightener. It is also suitable for general skin lightening and removing of dark circles around the eyes. To use, obtain cucumber slices and rub gently against your lips. Before getting to bed is the best time since your lips gets enough time to absorb the juice.


Honey protects your lips against bacterial infections and sunburn due to UV radiations from the sun. It also moisturizes your lips making them to turn from dark to pink hence regarded suitable for using in treatments on how to get pink lips.

The skin of our lips has no natural protection, which means that we need to take extra care to keep them plump, rosy and healthy.

Foods rich in Vitamin E help keep lips soft and supple. So always make fruits and vegetables your first choice.

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