Tips for perfect summer make-up

Summer is saying “no” to excess make-up. So, we prepared some advice for you, what tips to follow for a great summer natural make-up.

Summer is saying “no” to excess make-up. You can create a real piece of art out of your make-up, but you can be sure that heat will tear it apart. So, we prepared some advice for you, what tips to follow for a great summer natural make-up.

Tip no. 1: Before starting the actual make-up clean you face and use a tonic product. We advise you to use some refreshing product so that your pores get smaller. Then apply a SPF face cream, with hydrating properties also, and leave it like that for 10 minutes, so your face gets the chance to absorb it. Tip: For closing your pores you can use an ice cube.

Tip no. 2: Forget about foundation! Specialists advise us to use a mattifying product if it’s a must and apply it in a very thin layer. Otherwise, do not use the typical cream foundation, it will only make your skin unhappy, because it covers the pores and it offers an unnatural look.

Tip no. 3: If you don’t have the most perfect tan, use a blush or a bronzing powder for your nose, chin, forehead, and neck. Choose powders with small shinny particles, they will offer you a special look, sexy and natural.

Tip no. 4: Eyes make-up will be simpler then ever. Forget about the black kohl and cream make-up. Use only waterproof mascara and powder make-up for your eyes. Choose pastel colors with different shades of brown, gold, and beige.

Tip no. 5: Summer challenges your lips to look natural. Use only natural colored lip-loss, or a smooth lipstick in neutral colors. Forget about the brown and purple shades and follow the natural summer trend!

At the finish line: use thermal water to finalize the piece of art. This thing will help you maintain your make-up for a long period of time and will offer you the freshness that you need.

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  • I don’t wear much make up during the summer… or ever really. I do use a little bit of liquid foundation to even out my skin tone, a little bit of blush on the apples of my cheeks and mascara. I really don’t like to wear eye liner. I rather go for the natural look. 🙂

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