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Halloween: Ideas for Party Makeup and Dress–Up

Of course, Halloween is pretty close, so an article about what to do when it comes to what make-up to wear for Halloween is just perfect!

Complete Makeup Guide for Summer Season: Apply Eyeshadows

Learning how to apply eye shadow is not difficult. However, in order to achieve a natural look, correct technique is important.

Autumn Fall Fashion. Redhead Woman Portrait.Makeup

Tips for Autumn Make-Up

In this article we offer you a short description of autumn make-up… what you should wear in this fall… even though, we all know that trends come and go :).

Tips for perfect summer make-up

Summer is saying “no” to excess make-up. So, we prepared some advice for you, what tips to follow for a great summer natural make-up.

Fantastic eyes make-up

Do you want eyes to look much bigger or more highlight? Even fantastic?! All you have to do is to adapt your make-up style. Follow our tips and you’ll see the difference immediately.