Complete Makeup Guide for Summer Season: Apply Eyeshadows

Learning how to apply eye shadow is not difficult. However, in order to achieve a natural look, correct technique is important.

Learning how to apply eye shadow is not difficult. However, in order to achieve a natural look, correct technique is important. In this part of our complete makeup guide I will reveal the “secrets” of applying eye shadows. How to choose the correct color, how to apply it and how to get an magnificent eye make-up. And remember, practice makes perfect, so have patience and you will get it right in no time.

An eye shadow is something that enhances your look and makes your appearance more elegant, by highlighting your attractive eye’s spot. You will find a massive variety in colors and types of eyeshadow bit a standard eye shade kit comes with 160 colors. Choose shadows that make the color of your eyes pop. Matching the color of your eye with a shadow actually brings the color out (blue shadow on blue eyes). At the same time, contrasting colors make eyes pop too (a deep jeweled blue shadow on deep brown eyes or gorgeous gold with blue eyes).

When selecting eye shadows there are two things you need to keep in mind: the colors must compliment your eye color as well as your skin tone and you should really consider the consistency of make-up.

For Hazel and Brown Eyes:

  • Brown and hazel eyes are generally best emphasized by using various shades of purple. Lilac, lavender violet and even the darkest shades of purple will definitely be flattering;
  • Funky favorites: tangerine, royal blue, hot pink, lime-green (the contrast adds punch to brown);
  • The colors that look best will depend on the undertones of your skin. For example, if you have brown eyes and olive skin, you will look best in shades of pink, peach, or brown.

Blue Eyes:

  • Pink: soft pink and rose color are a perfect choice for a delicate daytime makeup;
  • Purple and rich tones of violet, medium or deep shades of blue bring out the best in your eyes and represent wonderful alternatives for sophisticated evening;
  • Experiment with various shades of taupe, blue, violet, purple, pink, gray, and black;
  • Turquoise and teal shades can also work for blue eyes.

Green Eyes Look Best Wearing:

  • For green eyes on the hazel side, gold, greens, and green-yellow shadows can work well;
  • Hazel eyes most often appear green. Colors that work well with hazel and green eyes include brown, khaki, deep green, and plum. Experiment with different shades within these color families to create looks for different occasions and outfits;
  • If your eyes have a more intense green color you can afford to make your eyes more intense by using darker eye shadow colors. The most suitable colors are generally lavender, plum or deep purple, ash and rosy brown.

Eye shadows come in cream, powder or pencil. Which to use is really a matter of preference but for mature skin powder usually looks best. You can select either a matte or frost eye shadow. Matte eyeshadows have a flat finish and absorb light. Frost eye shadows reflect the light and may look sparkly or shiny.

Tips for Applying Eye Shadows:

  • Always apply powder in white color after blending base on near your eyes’ area, so if shade sprinkles away you can brush it off;
  • When applying dark shadow to the crease of your eye, be careful to blend only on the outside edge. Get to close to the eye and you’ll cause your eyes to look teeny and beady;
  • The first step of applying eye shadow is to apply a light color over your entire eyelid from lash line to brow. Use a large flat eyeshadow brush. Always use good quality brushes;
  • The second step is to apply a medium shadow color on your lower lid from lash line to the crease of your eye. Use a fluff brush;
  • The third step is to use your darkest color as a liner and apply along your lash line. To insure shadow will not flake, dampen your eyeliner brush before applying shadow. This will make it last longer;
  • A brush will give you control when applying pigments. Use a small, fine brush made especially for eye shadow. If you want your color to appear deeper, dip the brush in water before adding the shadow;
  • Eye shadow comes in both cream and powder form. To help your bright eye shadow color last all day, try matching colors in both cream and powder formulas;
  • Be careful with shimmery products, especially on your eyes; they tend to collect in creases;
  • If you have large and open eyes, don’t use loud or bright colors that will over emphasize the fullness. You want them to be soft and keep a person’s attention;
  • On deep-set eyes, you should use shadow colors that are on the light side of the color spectrum. Light brings out.
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