In this article we offer you a short description of autumn make-up…what you should wear in this fall…even though, we all know that trends come and go :).
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Although the characteristic colors of autumn are dark and powerful, this fall we should look towards to the nature’s warm colors. In this article we offer you a short description of autumn make-up…what you should wear in this fall…even though, we all know that trends come and go :).


If it’s autumn, you are lucky because you can use the same colors for: clothing and eye make-up. Dark shades of green, shades of brown and grays; these are the top colors for September. For your eyes you can try almost any color you see around, in nature, except the blue color – is a little too strong for this season. If however you can not break up of your blue eye shadow, rather try purple shades or the color of ripe plums, which is very fashionable this fall.
In rest, you can choose between the tones of green, from light to dark, depending on the occasion. In morning wear a pale green, barely visible. Well…in the evening try darker shades, sounder, more mate.
Yellow, pink should be avoided because they are too light.

Eye-liner is still a must-have for eye make-up. You have to be careful, because the lines have to be very soft and thin. Therefore, it is best to give up classic black ink for the brown or gray ones, which can adorn your eyes, but without dramatic appearance that black creates.
Mascara…a permanent must-have for make-up and for a glamorous look. Try the brown shades, and keep the black ones for special occasions.


Last fall strong and bold colors of lipsticks were in trend: very dark browns, shades of garnet-red. 2009 comes with some improvement, honestly, it makes our life easier :). No needs to wear those dark lipstick colors, nude colors are perfect! No need to throw the gloss you used this summer. You can apply it this season too, over lipstick, to give lips little luster.


If this summer you wanted to be more natural and you gave up blush, you have to go out and buy some new one, because you will definitely need it this autumn. Your skin changes from summer bronze to winter color, and during the changes you need some color on the cheekbones. A natural color, very light. Beige tones are preferred, peach, mate pink.

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