Hot Tips for Makeup in the New Years Eve

Here are some quality tips about how to choose the right make-up for that awesome night between the years.

Little black dress chosen carefully, a perfect outfit… it remains to be seen how you makeup for that dress, no matter how spectacular it is, it has to be glow through a suitable makeup. Here are some quality tips about how to choose the right makeup for that awesome night between the years. There is a very widespread opinion that says the clothing colors should be included in the makeup of the eye. Please ignore this advice if you do not choose an overall dull look, and the two items, clothes and make-up, to cancel each other.


The secret lies in finding a perfect foundation, according to your skin tone. But the foundation is applied after you use the makeup base, which should moisture and offer a satin look. A look that never gets old: the perfect face skin, porcelain. Do not forget the powder, but use it in discrete amounts. Because you want to avoid a greasy heat aspect, you forget the fact that the powder gathered from place to place, looks quite disgraceful.

Eye-Liner – Preferably Black

I advise you to use the black kohl or a liquid eyeliner for this touch of eye makeup. Try to draw a fine line above the eyelids, as close as you can. That will give the intensity desired to your looks, and the eyelashes will appear more thicken and more voluminous.

Cheeks 🙂

Not all of us were born with high cheekbones, but there are some tricks to make them seem so and to make a round figure look oval. You can use a pearl blush with light particles.


Glamorous shades are trendy, rich, shiny lipstick, red. Lips can be also brilliant, or mate as the retro look promoted for years by Dita von Teese.

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