Things to Know Before Having New Eyelashes Fixed

I’ve compiled some info for you to know before fixing some eyelashes extensions. This how to chose the right eyelashes extensions and what to pay attention to.


7 Beauty Tips for Great Eyelashes

I compiled a short list of beauty tips for your eyelashes, not them down.

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Eyelashes: Longer or Thicker?

Many women want a mascara to bend the lashes, to elongate and provide a spectacular volume. Reality is that few of them need a high-performance product.

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Create the Perfect Eye Shape Through Make-Up

Who doesn’t dream about getting Angelina’s eyes? Her almond-shaped eyes are perfect in terms of… shape, so we must use some make-up to create an illusion, if mother nature didn’t offer us the perfect eye shape them.

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Day Makeup With in 3 Different Ways

Day make-up may be a challenge for women. We have to stick to some simple rules, basic, and decide whether we want it nude, romantic or sophisticated, without being extravagant.

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5 Beauty Problems Solved in a Second!

Here are 5 problems (or potential problems) and the short tips to get over them (or foresee them). So, here are my beauty tips for today.


Products Review: Top 3 Lengthening Mascaras

Here are 3 product reviews and hopefully they will clear the fog!


Complete Makeup Guide: How to Choose and Apply Mascara

Continuing our set of “complete makeup guide” articles, I came up with the second great advice…how to correctly choose and apply mascara.

Hot tips for make-up in the New Years Eve

Here are some quality tips about how to choose the right make-up for that awesome night between the years.

False lashes effect with eyelash balm

If cosmetic industry explored every little part of our body, well, check this out! The hottest trend in facial beauty: eyelash balm, the eyelashes enhancer that offers us the false lash effect.