7 Beauty Tips for Great Eyelashes

I compiled a short list of beauty tips for your eyelashes, not them down.
  1. If you want super-wavy eyelashes, do not forget to take a special grip on the lashes and twist them with it until you count to 10!
  2. Remember that mascara must be applied from the root to the top and first on the outside!
  3. If you were lucky enough to have a mascara with a special brush, then when the mascara finish is over, do not forget to keep it! Why? After applying the mascara, brush your eyelashes with it; So they will not stick together and remove the excess mascara!
  4. On the top lashes, stroke the brush 3 to 4 times and the bottom ones only 1 time; Insist more on those at the tail of the eye – you will have a more spectacular and seductive look!
  5. Buy a new mascara every 3 months, otherwise you risk of destroying your eyelashes and irritating your eyes!
  6. Do not forget to get rid of the makeup at night; You risk losing your eyelashes if you sleep with mascara on them!
  7. Try to make an effort and always take a quality mascara; It will definitely last for 3 months and you do not risk having problems with eye irritation or eyelashes!

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