Relax to Rejuvenate: How to Stay Beautiful and Stress-Free in 6 Ways

Elevated stress levels can negatively impact your beauty. Today, learn 6 effective ways for lowering your stress and keeping yourself young and beautiful.

To say that it’s been a stressful year would be an understatement. Given the state of things, you can be forgiven for having small outbreaks of stressful fretting. But did you know that stress can affect the way you look?

Learn how stress can sap your beauty and 7 effective methods for managing and reducing your stress.

Stress and Your Beauty

Stress is the result of your body receiving a large dose of a hormone known as cortisol. This chemical is responsible for putting your body on alert and is not normally a bad thing, especially in an emergency situation. However, prolonged bouts of elevated cortisol levels can lead to bad things for your body and mind. Constantly being stressed by events and emotions can wreak havoc on your well-being and even affect the way your skin looks.

Prolonged stress can make your skin age quicker as it loses elasticity or it can make you break out in hives. Getting too preoccupied by your stress can make you forget your skin regimen, which can lead to acne other skin blemishes.

Clearly, the best way to retain a youthful appearance is to find ways to reduce or manage your stress levels. Below are 6 effective methods you can use to chill out and let your body and skin rejuvenate.

Give Your Face a Treat

There’s a reason every relaxation montage in a movie includes a facial. Your makeup and exposure will take their toll on your lovely visage. Facials help moisturize your skin tone and aids your face in recuperating from harsh chemicals. So give your face a good scrub, apply a soothing mud mask made of matcha or green tea and lay back as your face begins to renew itself.

Scent It Up

Aromatherapy is often derided, but medical experts agree that it is very useful for dealing with stress and anxiety. Essential oils gathered from different plants can have a very soothing effect on the body. If you want to relax quickly, purchase essential oil diffusers or use them as directed to perfume your bedroom or bath. The calming scents of jasmine, lavender or green tea may be just the remedy you need to soothe your mind and body.

Eat Slowly

People often have so many things to do, whether its because you’re swamped with work or because you’re busy taking care of your family. Because of these overwhelming tasks, you may just scarf down your food without savoring it. Take some time to make meals nice and lavish, even if its just simple food. For example, you can put on some nice music, light candles and take the time to savor each bite. Process the flavors and textures of your food rather than just gulping it down and you may be surprised how relaxed you feel afterwards.

Give Yourself a Long Soak

Few things are more relaxing or as inviting as a long soak in a hot bath. Warm water can ease out knots in your muscles and drain your stress levels right down. So instead of just hopping in for a quick shower, why not luxuriate in hot water? If you have a bathtub, maybe you can drop in a nice bath bomb and crank up some classical music. If you just have a shower, you can still make it more relaxing by using scented candles and use a portable massager to soothe your tense muscles under a hot stream of water.

Listen to Cool Tunes

Music has a way of working its way into your mind and making it relax. When you have a few minutes to yourself, slip on your best headphones or earbuds and listen to whatever music makes you feel more comfortable. If you’re into showtunes, maybe you’ll enjoy the humorous lyrics from “The Book of Mormon.” Maybe you’d rather listen to the strains of Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons”. No matter what your music choice is, make sure you can enjoy them in peace and let your stress melt away with the tunes.

Write in a Journal

It may seem old-fashioned, but mental health experts agree that journaling is a great way to manage your stress. Expressing your thoughts and emotions in a tangible form helps you deal with your issues rather than repress them. Putting them down in a journal can be very cathartic, letting you feel your emotions more keenly and processing them. It can also help you appreciate positive events more as you read them in your journal, letting you dwell on good times rather than stew in the bad.

Stress can sap your beauty, but relaxation can rejuvenate it. Use these six strategies for destressing wisely and you can retain your youthful appearance and healthy mentality through these uncertain times.

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