3 Myths About Your Beautiful Hair

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Every day you hear all sorts of ideas and tips for hair care: what should we do or not, what good products to use when do we need to cut our hair and many more. In this article, we intend to take down some of the myths related to hair growth, split peaks, or old, white hair.

Be cautious when it comes to your hair care and always think twice following many of the tips that currently come to your ears.

Hair Myth #1. Expensive Products Are Better!

It is easy to refute the myth that, experience has shown many of us that it is not that at all. A high price does not necessarily mean a good product. If good marketing strategies, nice packaging, and so-called miracle ingredients manage to catch the eye, which does not mean that the product has a beneficial effect on our beautiful hair. It often happens that such items contain toxic ingredients for the scalp or hair, or challenging him creating rash and allergies. What alternatives are there? Natural products from or home-made products.

Hair Myth #2. You Damage Your Hair if You Change Its Color!

A quality paint applied correctly will not damage your hair. On the other hand, of course, that it’s not indicated to do any abuse. Specialists believe that hair should be painted at the roots around 5, 6 weeks, depending on the growth rate of the hair and twice a year on its full length. You have to be careful with timing. And here I mean, how much time do you spend with the paint on your hair when coloring it. Each painting has its time for implementation, so do not overdo it because of the more intense color desire, because results may be one not so pleasant.

Hair Myth #3. Cut Your Hair Down to Zero So You Will Have a Stronger and a Thicker Hair!

We would advise you not to try these kinds of experiments. It will be a real failure in terms of hair growth and aesthetic appearance. Unfortunately, even if you cut it to 0, your hair will grow, as usual, this thing being controlled at the genetic level.

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