Best Lip Gloss Colors to Try This Season!

The color of your lips define your makeup, did you know that? So whatever makeup you do, if you don’t apply any lip color, then you ruined the whole look!

And why would you ever do that? I don’t think there’s any woman out there who doesn’t like wearing lipsticks but put heavy makeup on. And sometimes, they don’t even need a reason to do makeup. It’s just their hobby that whenever they go out, they embellish their looks with it. However, the most common thing that a girl wears on her face is lipstick. 

Looks are extremely important for women, especially. This is why they love shopping for cosmetics. And yes, all of us like to follow the trend because we want ourselves to look updated and feel much more confident about ourselves than usual. 2020 is the year we’ve experienced coronavirus, one of the worst real-world problems in the form of a pandemic. This has compelled us to not go out for months. And you know what perfection is? It has started to diminish and we can go out without a lot of precautions and worries. So ladies? It’s the time of spring and I know exactly what lip colors you should try on this season. Wear them and go out without worrying and showing yourself much more attractive and confident. 

Nude Lips

The trend of nude lipsticks and eye makeup is going crazy this season. Girls, if you want your lips to look more natural and have a baby pink finish, then try nude lip colors. And seriously, they can be found almost anywhere so you shouldn’t be worried about their availability. This lip color is going to make your makeup pop out and complement your face for sure!

Beautiful curle hair female in red with red lips and dress manicure, beauty red afro hairstyle. Studio shot.

A REALLY Red Color

Hasn’t this been a trend already? Yep! It’s been years since these shocking red color lips are in the trend. And honestly, lips covered in blood look fantastic! Of course, I mean “covered in bloodred color”. This color doesn’t care what outfit you’re wearing or what type of makeup you’re having on your face. Once you put that red color on your lips, you’ll definitely start to look gorgeous and the colors of spring will make you look fresher and happier. 

Beautiful young female face with bright fashion multicolored make-up

Violet! My Personal Fav!

Ah, I don’t know why but this very color has won my heart! Violet lipsticks look gorgeous. You know, it’s the color of wine and it just gives you a real feel of luxuriousness and splendor. So what are you going to wear on this color? Try a simple and elegant dress with floral designs and get ready to have all eyes on you. This color has been my personal favorite for a really long time. Not a few days back, I realized how awesome this spring season is to wear this color. Try this on without hesitation girls, you’re definitely going to love yourselves and me too!

Close up view of beautiful female mouth with creative makeup. Girl touching her lips. Studio macro shot.

Metallic Lipstick

By their name, it’s easy peasy to tell that they have a metallic feel in them. This is actually a whole category in which you can find multiple lip colors like red, purple, pink, and even gold. Of course, there are more colors available. You can try any of them and the “metallic” look will be a killer! No special outfit is required for it to look beautiful. It will flaunt your beauty anyway. So don’t worry about “what should I wear today?” and start shopping for your favorite metallic lipstick today!

Beautiful blonde woman with lashes extension and pink lips long curly hair face closeup

50 Shades of Pink

Pink colors don’t only make you look younger and happier but also stays on for longer durations. You can try the whole list of pink shades like hot pink, light pink, shocking pink, and several more. See what suits you better and get that right now from your favorite brand. And don’t forget to put on some lip gloss because they can beautify your lip shade and your whole face to a level you can’t even imagine. You’ll look super gorgeous but only if the lip glosses are of good quality. You must be looking for lip glosses with high-quality packaging. Good brands use amazing lip gloss packaging boxes for their lip glosses that they get from high-level companies like Dawn Printing. So there’ no reason left to not trust good presentation of lip glosses. 

Beauty Concept – Woman applying red lipstick with pink studio background. Beautiful girl makes makeup

Matte or Gloss. Who Wins?

No one wins since it depends on the mood, weather, outfit, and other such factors. But really, don’t just keep running after glossy lips because matte ones will give you a much brighter and prominent facial feature. You need to choose matte lipsticks for sure and yes, there are a lot of colors out there to choose from. You can try purple, light blue, red, and even black. And if you wear outfits with solid colors, these lip colors will make you stand out in the crowd in terms of beauty and splendor. 

So, what’s the right lip gloss for you this season?

It doesn’t really feel hard to decide which colors you should try on this spring. There are a few factors that if you consider before choosing your lip color, you can easily come up with the best decision for your looks. All you have to do is keep reading about what dresses suit which colors and then get those lip colors for you. I would recommend going with more matte and less glossy this season but again, it’s all your choice! Good luck, beauties!

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