For the perfect summer makeup, you have to adjust your makeup kit to accommodate the right tools you need for the season. Let's see the trends.

Btw, if you’re into airbrush makeup, then your airbrush makeup kit should definitely have high quality products, because otherwise the sweat from the high temperatures will not be in your favour. I will get back with an article about airbrushes, but for now, let’s review the main focuses for your summer makeup.

Emphasize the bronze with a bright makeup which will remove your face imperfections and will give you a radiant and youthful look at any age.

Light and Dark Game

Color your eyelids with beige, gold, brown shades that fit great on brown skin. Do not forget that turquoise returns this summer and it puts value in eye color and skin.

“Dust” From the Sun

Replace the usual powder with a shiny, bright, summer warm tones one. Golden shade can be used to illuminate.

Natural Blush

For pale skin, face make-up in tones of chocolate can do wonders. Even if until now roses in your cheeks seemed to look  fashionable, the brown shades give you a “sun burnt” look right from the Bahamas!


Foundation cream reflecting the light is a must-have for this season. Offer your skin the natural look she wants!

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