The Golden Rules of a Good Hair Care

Have you been neglecting your hair lately because of your busy schedule? Some women think that having a glossy and lovely crown of hair means spending hours on it or spending money on expensive hair care products. But this is far from the truth.
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Caring for your hair can be simple and cost-effective. Just check the following golden rules for hair care.

Hair Care Tip #1: Do Not Wash Your Hair Every Day

Most people wash their hair and apply shampoo every day. Hair care experts discourage this practice. Daily washing of hair can strip the natural oils that make your hair look smooth and shiny.  Just apply shampoo twice or thrice a week. If you really want to wash your hair every day, use conditioner only. Since the hair near the scalp is new, it does not need conditioning. Apply it to hair one inch from the scalp and pull it to the ends because this part of the hair usually becomes dry and brittle, leading to having split ends. The conditioner will moisturize this part of your mane and make it look and feel silky.

Hair Care Tip #2: Dry Hair Using Towel Before Applying Conditioner

When your hair is dripping wet, it cannot absorb the conditioner properly and the moisturizing agent in the conditioner will not be delivered. After rinsing the shampoo, Pat your hair dry using a towel. Then, apply the conditioner and leave it there for two to three minutes before rinsing and see and feel the effect.

Hair Care Tip #3: Use Shampoo on the Scalp

Apply shampoo on the scalp to remove dirt and excess oil. Massage it into your scalp with the tips of your fingers. The roots of your hair need the nourishing effect of the shampoo. Do not rub or lather shampoo on the hair end. Instead of doing any good, the shampoo will make your hair ends dry, brittle and breakable. You will have split ends, which can damage your hair.

Hair Care Tip #4: Match Shampoo and Hair Type

Know your hair type and choose a shampoo and conditioner made for it. Do you have fine and dry hair? Or do you have damaged hair? When you buy shampoo and conditioner check the label. You will see what hair type it is made for. If you have fine hair, then buy hair products with a label for fine hair. If you have damaged hair, buy hair care products for damaged hair. If you do not know your hair type, consult your hair and beauty stylist.

Hair Care Tip #4: Wash Hair With Cool Water

Washing your hair with hot water can dissolve natural hair oils. This will make the hair dry, brittle, and easy to break. If it is too cold, use lukewarm water instead. Remember that you are washing your mane to remove dirt, sweat, and oil from the scalp and cool or lukewarm water can easily do this without exposing your hair to heat.

If you are aiming to have smooth, glossy, and silky tresses, consider following the rules above. After a few days or weeks, you will find yourself wearing the loveliest crown of hair.

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