Complete Makeup Guide: How to Choose and Apply Mascara

Continuing our set of “complete makeup guide” articles, I came up with the second great advice…how to correctly choose and apply mascara.

Continuing our set of “complete makeup guide” articles, I came up with the second great advice…how to correctly choose and apply mascara.

How to Choose Mascara That Your Eyelashes Need:

  1. You should first determine your needs and then seek out mascara that will satisfy them. Therefore while choosing the best mascara for yourself you need to know the requirement and type of your eyes. Even the nature of your lashes plays an important role in selection of the most suitable color of mascara. So while picking the mascara keep the following points in your mind
  2. Choose a color to compliment your complexion
    Black mascara isn’t for everyone.  If your skin is fair or has yellow undertones, or if you have light hair-such as blonde or red-you may want to try brown mascara for a more natural look
  3. Mix and Match
    For a dramatic look, apply a coat of volumizing mascara followed by a coat of lengthening mascara on the tips.  For best results, apply the second coat while lashes are still wet.  Applying wet mascara to dry mascara will coat the lashes unevenly, causing clumps
  4. If your choice is blue or brown mascara then to get the best result you should draw a thin line over the upper lash line. Draw this line with same color liquid eyeliner or sharp eye pencil or just apply same color (like mascara) shadows
  5. It should not flake off and stick your eyelashes together
  6. It should not “bite” your eyes
  7. It should not have caustic smell (the latter means that mascara contains too much solvent)
  8. Water Proof Mascara
    Best mascara to use for those who are always on the go and no need to retouch.
    It doesn’t melt after a sweaty day or even after crying. Even though some will still rundown after a few hours depending on the ingredients and credibility of the manufacturer

How to Correctly Apply Mascara:

  1. Before applying mascara, powder eyelids a bit. At the same time you will powder eyelashes, as a result, they will become long and bushy. Powder is your make-up base
  2. Begin by applying mascara to the roots of your lashes, wiggling the wand from left to right as you go. This is really important as, contrary to popular belief, it’s the mascara placed near the roots – not the tips – that creates the illusion of length
  3. Stroke it along the tops and the bottoms of the eyelashes, gently wiggling or zig-zag it, to prevent clumps
  4. Thicken your eyelashes – Your wand makes all the difference in this step. Use one specifically designed to lay a thick coat of mascara on top of your eye lashes. Apply a generous coat, starting at the base of the lash line.
  5. Allow the first coat to dry before applying the second in an effort to prevent clumping
  6. If you want even longer looking lashes then carefully insert clean lashes into eyelash curler. And apply pressure in light little squeezes along the length of lashes and after that apply the mascara
  7. Do not try to do anything with your eyelashes when mascara has already dried up. Your make-up will flake, regardless of quality. You should get the results when mascara hasn’t dried up yet

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