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5 Tips to Getting Your Makeup to Last All Day

There are a few tried-and-true tips you can utilize in order to get your makeup to last all day.

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Easy Tips for Irresistible First-Date Makeup

The first date is a long-awaited and exciting moment in the life of every girl. On the one hand, you want to have perfect makeup. On the other, many guys prefer natural beauty. So what are makeup tips for the first date?

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Beginner’s Guide: 16 Make-Up Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Below is a list of a whole 16 tips of make-up mistakes that you need to avoid to get the perfect look every time.

Quick and Easy Steps for the Perfect Korean Makeup Look

Koreans are not only blessed with flawless and radiant skin, but they also have a wide collection of really cute packaging and multitasking benefits of makeup and skincare products that maybe one of you reading this are in love with.

7 Makeup Tips That Make You Look Amazing in Photographs

Do you ever look at the pictures of celebrities and wonder how they manage to pull off every look so well in the pictures? Well, let me tell you it is a lot about being confident in front of the camera and much about how you apply your makeup too.

Tips and Tricks to Apply Concealer Using Downward Strokes

There is an urge of proper makeup in women. It is also a fact that, most of the women want to get noticed in the crowd. So, you cannot just ignore the fact that a proper and flawless makeup can help you do that.

Makeup Tips for Older Women: How to Look Fresh at 50

When you are 50 years or older, age can be a terrible thing. Let’s be honest, years wear down on you. As you get older, you need to evolve. Your makeup needs to evolve. You cannot use the same products you used when you were 20 or 30 years old.

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Do’s and Don’ts of MakeUp for Beginners

Everyone needs a dash of makeup to give them that extra glamour. However, there are certain tips and tricks that can make makeup application a very simple task. If you are unaware of them, your stint with makeup may leave you with a very unflattering look. So if you are starting to try your hand at using makeup, here are some do’s and don’ts that you need to keep in mind.

Colors That Flatter You

For a dark, russet, brown and natural blond hair find the right combination with your makeup and your clothes.

Face Clean Makeup

10 Rules for a Resistant and Meltproof Summer Makeup

Summer is a beautiful but warm season, so it is a real challenge to chose the right makeup for a, sometime torrid weather. For us, women around the world, the ideal in makeup is a durable type of makeup solution that is easy to apply. We know how unpleasant you feel when you sweat, or you want to go by the pool, but you’re afraid that your mascara will run away of your face. Surely you don’t want that, especially after you’ve struggled to show impeccably.

To avoid an awkward moment for your face, I’ve summed up a few rules for a resistant, melt-proof summer makeup.