Tips and Tricks to Apply Concealer Using Downward Strokes

Makeup is independent of the variable that what is your complexion, what is the shape of your eyes or face. If you succeed to put a proper makeup on your face, then there is no doubt that you will look gorgeous.

With a flawless makeup, you can easily show the features of your face and hide those which you don’t want to show at all. You must have heard that a flawless makeup is always done by a professional makeup artist, but you know you’re not. Then what to do in that case. Well, this is the reason that I write this post. To cater you some of the concealer secret tips and tricks, concealer plays an important role to hide out your dark spots, dark circles, red spots, acne, and other skin problem you might have (Or Not).

So, let’s get started with some of the tips and tricks to apply concealer using strokes.

Test the Three Shades on Your Jawbone

It is a tip to consider because applying the right shade is very important. So, you can test your concealer shade by applying it on your jawline. The search can be highly contagious as it is believed that the shade of the concealer enhance the skin if done correctly or else the makeup can be transformed into a blunderous mistake. So, choose it correctly, or else you might face blunderous consequences.

Jawline helps you to identify the actual shade of the concealer that will match your complexion without affecting the other areas of your face.

Always Use Two Different Shades

Depending on the amount of time you spend in the sunlight your face might have different shades. Because your forehead is exposed most to the sunlight it needs to lighten up. It is a matter of fact that most of the part of your face have different exposure to the sun. For instance, take an example of your forehead and your jaw. Both have a different complexion as one part is mostly exposed to the sun while the others don’t get any sunlight. Which is why your face needs two different shades of concealer.

Always Use a Domed Brush

A domed brush is a perfect tool you need for your face to apply concealer. One thing you need to understand is that your face doesn’t need the same area of coverage. The problem areas for different people are different, so you need to be picky about your problem area.

Always Swipe Downwards

Contrary to popular belief, don’t swipe the brush upward. Many beauty experts believe that swiping upward is the correct way to apply concealer (Meaning No Offence), but that is not a fact. Most of the females have tiny hairs on the face. So, stroking upward can expose those hairs like anything else. So you need to swipe downwards to hide those hairs efficiently to look flawless.

Winding Up

So, these are some of the tricks that will give you a flawless skin. To be frank, I know that these are no pro tips. These tips are presented because this is the common area where people commit basic level mistakes, and the output is another level one. So, you need to be careful and follow my lead’s to make your skin flawless.

I hope you do like my article. Please share your concealer tips in the comments section and share this post to spread the word. Till then, have a good one.

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