Getting that wing right or setting the width of the eyeliner is sometimes way difficult than it seems.

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An eyeliner is a big saver when you want to look a bit different from your daily routine, but we all know how it is becomes a task for some of us. Getting that wing right or setting the width of the eyeliner is sometimes way difficult than it seems. Well in such case, we have some amazing beauty hacks for eyes. Let us get a good look at it. 

Eye Pencil to Eye Liner

Don’t have a gel eyeliner, worry not we have an amazing hack for you. Just take up that eye pencil and a lighter. Place the tip of eye pencil on the lighter for few seconds and apply it gently onto your eyelid for that perfectly shaped eyeliner. 

Mascara as a Liner

Mascara can save you from having a dull eye day in case you forgot the eyeliner. Just take the mascara and place the tip close to the lashes. Start applying gently and form a smudgy y-line. The magic wand will create a great weapon to get rid of dull boring eyes just on seconds.

Cotton Swab and Petroleum Gel to the Rescue

No girl, literally no one would ever be able to get it right in a sweep, unless you have had a practice of years in a row. Probably you would end messing up a little bit of it and are too afraid to mess the rest. Here we have a trick on how you can correct it. This beauty hack is easy-peasy, just take a cotton swab and dip it into the petroleum jelly, popularly found in houses, vaseline. Take it out and rub gently on the messed up area. Viola, clean and clear it is. 

Connect the Dots

Too afraid to experiment with the direct application of eyeliner? We’ve got you covered. You can make some small dots on to your eyelid near your lashes and connect them. Make sure the dots aren’t too big if you want a thin eyeliner. 

Fix the Smudges

When you smudge your eyeliner a bit too much, take a skin coloured liner pencil and apply it. Start over with the most affected area and try to make it sharp and easy. 

Business Card Trick

For a perfect wing, you can use your own business card. Just trace it over to the crease of your eye and get that perfect looking winged eyeliner. 

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