Create the Perfect Eye Shape Through Make-Up

Who doesn’t dream about getting Angelina’s eyes? Her almond-shaped eyes are perfect in terms of… shape, so we must use some make-up to create an illusion, if mother nature didn’t offer us the perfect eye shape them.

The easiest way to create an illusion of almond-shape eyes is to use adapted smoky-eyes make-up. What do I mean by that? Adapt it after the period of the day. It doesn’t make sense to go to work with an elaborated make-up, but instead, you can go for cat-eyes version of smoky eyes. Draw a thin line on the upper lid using black eyeliner and use a little black eye shadow to create the illusion of depth. Read more about smoky eyes make-up in our related articles, such as:  Tips for a great smokey-eyes make-up

For small eyes it is recommended to shape the upper lash line, and the one below. You can extend more the contour line even slightly to the internal angle (toward the nose). It is preferable that the color of the eyeliner to be lighter than black. To enlarge the appearance of eyes suitable make-up shades are cream or pearl and shiny pale shades. As a final touch use a brown mascara, because the black one will only add weight to your make-up.

For big eyes, your make-up should avoid pearly shades and applying mascara on the lower eyelid lashes. Use eyeliner only to the external angle of the eye and for a more appealing look you can extend the line. Eye shadow colors should be matte, with medium to dark shades. You can apply the same shade of blush and lower eyelids to give depth to the eye. Use brown mascara!

Eyes that are very close need some kind of tricks to make them look more apart. The point to be emphasized is the outer angle of the eye. Apply a shadow in a lighter shade, pastel, starting from the inside and extend it to the temple, using a slightly darker shade. Emphasizing the outside corner is also recommended in terms of using eyeliner.

The descendant eyes need the impression of rising upper lid and this can be obtained by applying make-especially on the outer half of the upper eyelid. Use a lighter tone in the inner corner and a darker one in the outer corner. To raise the shape of the eye, you can extend the line and you can apply eyeliner or dark eye shadow up to the temples. When applying mascara, only apply it on the outer corner eyelashes.

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