For a dark, russet, brown and natural blond hair find the right combination with your makeup and your clothes.
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Selecting appropriate colors in makeup (and clothes) is apt to be a puzzle. And no wonder! The ground rule on choosing makeup says… pitch the shade of your foundation and powder to the color of your skin. Skin tones come in a wide color range: fair, medium, dark, olive, and sallow; and it’s quite a trick deciding which is YOU. However, this is something you must train your eye to see, and it will help if you can “place” yourself in a “cool” or “warm” color group. This color guide may help you.



Dark hair, pale skinPale skin: A girl with dark hair and pale skin, the traditional Irish colleen type, should be considered “cool” in her coloring and has a wider choice in makeup than most.

It’s a perfect base for really delicate makeup effects, or it can be livened up prettily with peachy shades of foundation and face-powder and lipstick in rosy-pink, true-red, or blue-red.

Clothes: For pale skins the best clothes colors are gold, white, light cocoa, ice-blue, scarlet, dark plum, violet, navy-blue, and black.

Dark hair, olive skin - Nicole ScherzingerOlive skin: The brunette with dark or olive skin, she is rated “wann” in coloring, takes most kindly to matching rachel or golden-beige foundation or powder. Match cheek color with rosy lipstick, or with orange-red if the complexion shows warm bronze.

Clothes: Complementary colors are tomató-red, dark red, plum, russet, beige, yellow-green, grass green, true-blue, navy, black, and white.



russet hair, pale skin - Emma StonePale Skin: Once in awhile the (cool) russet-to-redhead comes up with a perfect complexion innocent of freckles (though we like a few). For this, pale and peachy foundation and powder tones are suggested, with lipstick in the clear orange-red range and the coral range.

Clothes: Olive, grey, beige, cocoa, white, plum, navy.

russet hair, florid skin - Marcia CrossFlorid skin: Quite frequently the skin tone is florid. Being “high,” this color is in the “warm” group. If very red, tone down with yellow-beige makeup and complete the strategy with red lipstick a tone or two darker.

If your skin is pink, use a paler beige foundation with no pink in it and bluish-red or pure pink lipstick.

Clothes: grey, cream, beige, pale cocoa, off-white, navy-blue.



brown hair, light skin - Anne HathawayLight to medium skin: The girl who has a good medium (in between) skin may think of herself as a ”mouse,” but actually she has the most versatile of all coloring. She can set it off with any number of makeup shades from pale beige to near-bronze, and get away with it.

Especially at night, when artificial light drains away red, makeup with a strong rose cast is a good bet. Here, true, no-nonsense red is one of the best lipstick shades going.

Clothes: Aqua, burnt orange, gold, coral, grey-blue, rust, navy-blue, and certain tones of yellow.

For example, slightly acid lemon yellow worn with a coral- or chestnut-toned lipstick is very becoming. A yellow which is almost green is even more so.

A pink lipstick often looks good with it, otherwise a coral or blue-red.



natrural blonde, light skin - Amanda SeyfriedLight skin: A natural blonde with light skin (classified “cool”) should aim at a delicate porcelain quality, not a confectionery pink-and-whiteness but like a creamy rose.

This complexion looks pretty when the foundation is a close match, i.e., an egg-shell shade with a hint of pink. A too-pink skin, on the other hand, tones down prettily with true-beige makeup. Lipstick soft rosy-pink or one of the new corals.

Clothes: For this coloring violet-blue,  ice-blue, coral, maroon, lavender, plum, apple green, olive, beige, old gold, white, grey.

natural blond, honey-gold skinHoney-gold skin: A blonde with honey-gold skin belongs to the group that’s described as “warm.” With this coloring stay away from heavy makeup; to match it select neutral shades, to liven it up wear peach-apricot tonings, and experiment with lipstick in the yellow and gold-red range.

Clothes: Warm reds which carry a hint of orange, taffy, rich brown, Kelly green, true-red, rose, turquoise.

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