Bespoke Jewelry – Jewelry That Pleases You the Most

Anyone can go to a store and buy a beautiful piece of jewelry. However expensive the article might be, you are likely to find another person wearing a replica of your jewelry. If you want something unique and no one else will have, choose bespoke jewelry.
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Perhaps the term bespoke jewelry is new to your ears. However, the idea is what comes to your mind when you hear of custom jewelry. Bespoke pieces are explicitly made for a client. The article is designed and made after you place an order. You are free to suggest how you wish your jewelry to be. The most significant bespoke customers order engagement and wedding rings. However, you can order any jewelry piece for a special occasion.

Why Choose Bespoke Jewelry?

  • They are unique. You will never find anyone else wearing an exact piece. Although you may borrow an idea from an article, you saw it in the market. A personal or custom touch makes your jewelry piece unique.
  • The bespoke jewelry is cheaper compared to many designer brands. It may not make sense, but it is true. When a piece of jewelry gets to a store, The store owners must add some cost to cover for store charges and get some profits. If you get bespoke jewelry, you evade the extra charges tagged by store owners. 
  • The bespoke jewelry is romantic. Although anyone appreciates a beautiful piece of jewelry, one feel more loved if they know the piece was made especially for them. 
  • The pieces are unlimited. You can input your creative idea to come up with a unique piece. The fact that bespoke jewelry is unique, no one time, they will be out of fashion. 

The Process to Acquire Bespoke Jewelry

Since you cannot get bespoke jewelry off the shelves, you need to visit a jeweler, preferably a jewelry designer. You should have a meeting with your designer. At the meeting, explain in detail how you would wish your piece of jewelry to be. In most cases, the consultation is free.

The designer will write down your request then draft the design. You will check the draft and approve or request for an adjustment. When the design is prepared, you select the metal and gemstones you will use in your bespoke jewelry piece. Many people prefer a variety of diamonds. They differ in quality, color, and size. The choice of material will guide the designer to estimate the total cost of the piece of jewelry. 

When every preparation process is complete, you leave the jeweler to design your jewelry piece. The jeweler can give you a timeframe to check your order. Alternatively, you can go to your contact with them. They will call you once the order is ready.

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Detailed Steps

Pre Consultation

When you contact your jeweler, they will go through the archives to look for old but unique ideas. They will send you sample designs to select. At this stage, you are not choosing an actual design but a picture of your jewelry piece. You will also fill in a survey (if they provide) to get an idea of what exactly you want. It is a crucial step. It would be best if you present the jeweler with all information they need.


At this stage, you visit the jewelry shop to confirm the details of your pre-consultation. If you are far, you can plan a virtual meeting. Here you get to clarify your design details. You choose the color, metal, size, and design. 

Choosing the Stone

There are many gemstones you can use on your jewelry. Thus, it would benefit if you had an expert guide through the design and the metal you select. Different stones have different meanings. The jeweler will guide you to choose the best stone for your occasion. 

Other factors that affect the choice of stone is the attire you intend to wear. Also, the skin tone of the one to wear the piece of bespoke jewelry. If you want a scarce stone, you will need to advise on how long it will take. 

Review the Design and the Quote

Earlier during the consultation, you saw a draft of the design and an estimated quote. However, after all the selection process, the jeweler comes up with a detailed quote. You need to review it before they proceed. You also need to approve the final design.


The jewelers will take their time to make your jewelry. After the process is complete, they run a quality check. They will contact you once your piece is ready.


There is a jot that comes with wearing bespoke jewelry. It is the most useful gift you can hold for your loved one. If you can afford the pieces, have plenty of them in your jewelry collection.

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