Naomi Scott – Jasmine From Aladdin – Her Style and Personality

You may know Naomi Scott from Disney's Aladdin where she played Jasmine.
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But she’s more than Jasmine. Naomi Scott is a 26 years old singer and actress from UK but she has Indian roots by her mother and she’s very proud of that. Actually her charisma and style may origin from that spectacular place.

Her style is both elegant and casual. On the red carpet she proves her good sense of fashion, but in her daily life she prefers wooly and comfy clothes.

In an interview she said:

I have an oversized denim jacket that I wear a lot. The AllSaints boots that I have been wearing throughout the press tour represent a trademark aesthetic of mine: comfy meets tough. Nothing beats a good leather jacket. Finally, I could never part with my dark green bomber jacket from COS.

On European vs. American Fashion:

I love European designers – the high end. You have Chanel for example — they have taken the female silhouette, and reimagined it so that women feel comfortable, which was the original concept of Chanel. I am also a big fan of J.W.Anderson. His designs are conceptual and quite interesting. Victoria Beckham is a favorite. Her take on “baggy comfort” runs parallel to my personal style, which is a bit androgynous. Stella McCartney also does a fabulous job of executing a similar look. I adore Burberry as well.

Vivianne Sterling

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