Few advices for buying a diamond ring.

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There’s a common misconception among people shopping for diamond engagement rings that size is everything. And while a big diamond is sure to immediately capture the eye, a smaller well-cut diamond looks better and sparkles more radiantly than a big diamond with a poor cut.

And while no woman will ever insist on seeing the rings with the small diamond first, sometimes our budget does not favor big, often expensive diamonds. But don’t despair! In this article, we’ll give you a few hints on how to choose a diamond that appears bigger and more valuable than it actually is that can fit anyone’s engagement ring budget.

Don’t Get Stuck With the Round Cut

Round diamonds are the most sought-after shape in the engagement ring market. While they often look stunning, cutting them is extremely difficult and results in a lot of wasted material. That also means that they cost than most of their counterparts.

By choosing a different cut, you will be able to buy a diamond the same size as the round cut diamond for significantly less. Oval diamond rings are particularly popular with buyers with a limited budget, as their elongated shape creates an illusion of a bigger gemstone. You will be able to get a larger diamond the same carat weight as a smaller, round diamond.

Opt-in for a Slim Band and Prongs

Another common mistake buyers make is getting a big band for their ring. You have to remember that the bigger the band is, the smaller the diamond will look. By getting a slim band, even a smaller diamond will appear relatively larger. Look into slim bands with a pitched shank for an enlarging effect.

Similarly, if you choose the solitary setting for your engagement ring, make sure the prongs are slim, so they’ll cover a smaller portion of the stone. As the stone won’t be covered, it will appear larger. Likewise, go for as little prongs as possible. Choose four instead of six to maximize the amount of light that enters the diamond for a brighter sparkle.

Choose White Metals for the Band

Most think that the color of the band has nothing to do with the size of the diamond. They are wrong. Just as interior designers use mirrors to make a room appear bigger, so can you make the diamond appear bigger by getting a reflective band, meaning choosing a white metal. We recommend 18k white gold bands, as the rhodium coating that protects the metal has a bright shine. It is also more affordable than platinum.

Consider a Halo Setting

One trick jewelers often recommend to those with a narrow budget is choosing a halo setting. It features a large diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds, which makes the ring appear bigger. Even though it features numerous small diamonds, they are not nearly as expensive as the center stone due to their carat weight. The halo setting is a great way to add bulk and sparkle to the ring for a small price.

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