Get Noticed With Classy Custom Ties

Girls, this style tip is for the man in your life. If you are scouting for an idea for a present for him, I got this for you: custom ties!

Ties are undoubtedly the finishing touch for a gentleman’s outfit that distinguishes him from the crowd. With so many options to choose from, choosing the right tie can prove difficult. If you want to get noticed you need to choose ties that not only have the perfect color or design but one that willcomplement a person’s physique. That is the benefit of  goingfor custom ties. You get to specify exactly how you want your tie to look like in terms of design, color andsize. 

A good toe should match a person’s physical build and also his clothing style. An average sized man should wear a tie that is no wider than 3 to 3.37 inches. It should also be long enough to reach the built buckle. The width of the tie should also match the size of the lapels of a blazer.

Colors and Patterns of Custom Ties 

If you want a sophisticated look, choose semi-solid or a lightly patterned tie. This matches well with a solid-colored suit. A boldly colored tie also contrasts your shirt and makes you stand out. Sometimes people may shy away from wearing patterned ties but the secret to wearing them is to ensure that the pattern does not clash with the clothing. For instance, if you have a dotted shirt you can wear a tie with stripes and not with dots. 

Custom ties come with various collar types and you also need to put his factor in mind when choosing your tie knot. Widespreadcollars are best worn with a full Windsor knot. Point collars are best worn with a Four in Hand Knot. Keep in mind that bigger tie knots will need a more tie while smaller knots will require less tie material. The occasion will also determine the kind of knot to choose. Formal occasions such as weddings or office meetings call for a Half or Full Windsor Knot. Casual events such as cocktail parties call for the Four in Hand Knot.

How to Choose the Right Quality 

Neckties may make a small component to a man’s wardrobe but they attract a fair share of attention since they are a statement piece. There are many low-qualityversions if the neckties so when you find a truly great one it really makes you stand out. The necktie has come a long way with many designers who craft high-quality versions. It, therefore, can be difficult to choose a really good one. Here are important things to look out for when choosing your necktie:

  1. Proportion: ties come in different sizes and shapes. Getting a tie that matches your body frame and outfit is critical to your overall appearance. For instance, the width of your tie determines the size of the lapels on your blazer or suit jacket. Lack of consistency results in the entire outfit looking off-balance. You do not want to draw attention to yourself for all the wrong reasons. Buy a tie that completely blends in well with your existing look. 
  2. Tie Bar Tack: this is especially the most crucial aspect you need to consider when buying a tie. The first step is to turn the tie over and you will notice a heavy stitch joining the ends of the tie together. This reinforced stitch is horizontal. A bar tack on the tie keeps the two sides of the tie together as it provides reinforcement from a tie’s set of stitching. It also helps keeps the tie in shape. A tie that lacks a bar tack is likely to bubble up looking like it has air pockets inside them. 
  3. Fabric: the fabric of a tie plays a big role if you want to get value for money. Silk is the fabric of choice and this fabric should make up the bulk of ties in your wardrobe. It is one of the most durable fabrics and its tensile strength is very high due to its elasticity. Silk fabrics retain their shape even after machine or hand washing and have moderate resistance to wrinkling. Silk fabrics also drape well ad this is a key component to maintaining the shape of a tie as you create various types of knots. The smooth finish of silk does not allow it to attract dirt. 
  4. The slip Knot: expensive handmade ties contain a loop which peeks out from the tip of the blade. This is to avoid the wear and tear from the process of tying and untying. The slip knot allows you to adjust the tension without worrying too much about the tie losing its shape, thereby extending its life. 
  5. Shell: a well-made tie should be made up of three pieces; the blade which is the large end, the tail which is the smaller portion and the gusset which joins the above two parts. Looking for these key components will ensure you buy a quality tie just like an expert. 

Looking for the Little Details in Tie Construction 

Most quality products are defined by what is less noticeable and not just the main components. When shopping out for a tie, select one that has a keeper for you to place the tail end of the tie for less flapping. For patterned ties, the seams should be stitched in a random way without drawing much attention to the pattern flow. 

The edges of the tie should also be rolled and pressed to ensure fullness at its edges. This maintains the shape of the tie in the long run. A tie that shows nay minor blemishes shows that it is not well constructed. 

The above tips will help you have a great sense of what to look for when choosing neckties. You will find yourself owning a great selection of high quality and great ties so that you always look sharp when going for both formal and informal occasions. You will never regret the choice you make if you look for these components in a necktie. 

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