The Tried and True Tradition of Diamonds

Let's see what are the main appeals of a diamond.

Where Raw Diamonds Come From

Diamonds are mined most commonly in a few different countries. The two countries where diamonds are officially mined from and sold to the numerous entities that then prepare them for cut and selling, include Russia and South Africa. There are ten diamond mines globally that are considered to be the world’s largest. Contained within each is naturally-formed reserves that are estimated to contain billions of carats of diamonds that can be recovered.

What Makes a Well-Cut Diamond?

The “perfect cut” of a diamond points toward how well it has been cut proportionally. With diamonds, every aspect of how a diamond was cut in all three dimensions are taken into consideration. This includes what percentage of said diamond is the depth versus the width, and in accurately determining the exact angle of each cut of a diamond and how these angles interact with each other. While the naked eye may not be able to tell much from far away, those with an eye for quality look very closely at their diamond purchase. The “perfect cut” is really about how close to exact symmetry as possible a cut can be achieved.

Taking each of these important factors into consideration, the price of the diamond on its own will be determined differently. A beautiful diamond will have near to perfect proportions and consistent success in a few different areas. These areas of consideration are the brilliance of a diamond, scintillation of a diamond, the fire of a diamond, facets that are symmetrical in measurement on any side, finish detailing and, of course, the proportions of a diamond. Often mistaken for each other, the cut of a diamond and the shape are two different means of measurement. One is just as important as the other when taking into consideration diamond pricing.

A custom diamond engagement ring is a classic token of eternal devotion, such as the ones sold at Diamonds Forever San Diego. The symbolism comes from three main elements of a diamond ring. You have the diamond, which is not only the hardest material on the earth (signifying an everlasting bond) but is also clear in its color. It is transparent, just like the ideal relationship. The ring is a very traditional symbol, being a circle. Circles are a symbol commonly associated with eternity, so it is only fitting to include such meaning in a gift being given to seal the deal of a promising and never-ending future with your loved one. The third element is the fact that engagement rings are usually made up of precious metals, such as high-quality silver or different karats of gold. Gold and silver have their own symbolic meanings, but, usually, someone will choose one or the other depending on the preference of the wearer.

What Make Diamonds So Appealing?

Diamonds have become ingrained in American culture as a tradition to wear for weddings and other special events, due to the fact that they are such a versatile stone both in appearance and in what they say about the wearer.

Given the symbolic meanings behind diamond rings, it’s no wonder why they are so popular. Diamonds, in general, are a sign of wealth and high-quality taste. They go well with any other type of precious or semi-precious stone when coupled together in jewelry or other adornments.

This precious stone has had its place in pop culture for many years as a way to show wealth. The popularity in media and celebrity culture could be part of why diamonds have become so popular. They are simple enough in appearance since they lack any color definition, so they are neutral yet tasteful. You can decorate anything with diamonds and the mineral will be instantly recognizable. The popularity of the diamond itself has been a gradual evolution, which has many origin stories depending on what way the diamond is being incorporated into a person’s lifestyle. The diamond ring, for example, has been said to have gained the most popularity as an engagement gift after an ad campaign gained the attention of American audiences. Diamonds have been featured in everything such as songs, movies, and fashion.

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