Winter Blues: Ways to Keep Your Kids Happy This Winter

This is not a beauty article, for sure, but it worth to sometime get off tracks and write about what makes a mummy happy. And happy means smiles and beautiful, right?

Winter has been known to be the most wonderful time of the year. You have the frosty air, the snow, and hot chocolate! For most people, that’s plenty reason to love winter, but for kids, it can sometimes mean the end of many of the fun activities they’ve enjoyed throughout the year.

Believe it or not, some kids don’t like the winter, contrary to what Christmas movies tell you. They don’t like the cold weather, you can’t go swimming, and you’re stuck in the house the entire season. When I was growing up winter was fun, despite the cold weather. You just have to adapt to the weather change. 

Instead of playing in the pool, they can play in the snow. There’s plenty of options available to keep your kids engaged all year round – you just need to show them the great aspects of winter. If you have a child suffering from the winter blues, consider these easy ways to keep your kids happy all winter long.

Trendy Winter Clothes

With winter in full effect, your kids will of course have to change their attire. They’ll have to trade in their flip-flops for snow boots, and replace their tank tops with turtlenecks. They may not like it initially, but once they see all the fun winter apparel that comes with the season, they’ll soon come to love the winter. 

In the summer, you can only take off so many articles of clothing before being completely naked, and even in your naked state, you’re still hot! With winter, you don’t have that problem. Yes, it’s cold, but you can layer up your clothes to keep you warm during these colder months. I’m not saying winter is better, but hey, if the snow boot fits, wear it!

Tasty Winter Foods

Food isn’t the only way to a man’s heart…it’s practically the yellow brick road to kids’ hearts too. The change in food is something kids may not pay too much attention to, but once they eat it, it’ll make them have a new respect for the cold season.

In the winter, kids will need to eat something warm and filling. Soups, stews, hot chocolate, and chilis are the road map to putting a smile on their faces. Chicken noodle soup is a favorite with a lot of kids – it’s quick, simple, and absolutely delicious. It’s definitely a winter staple that they’ll keep asking for more of. 

Fun Winter Activities

In order for your kids to truly experience winter, they have to get out in it! Yes, it’s cold outside, but that’s why they have to wear warmer clothes to adapt to the chilly weather. It may be hard to get them out in these elements, but once they do, they’ll love it.

Nothing says winter better than snow. Show the kids what it means to really experience winter. Have a snowball fight with them, or lay in the snow and make snow angels. They don’t realize that just because it’s cold outside, that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy being outside.

In the winter, most cities and towns have ice skating rinks open, there’s areas where you can go sledding, and depending on the town you live in, they can even feed reindeer. There really is a lot of fun things to do during the winter, you just have to help them see the great things about it. 

Right now, they still have their heads wrapped around summer ending, but once they experience how great winter can truly be, they’ll soon be able to put that season behind them, and enjoy the season in front of them.

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