Things to Recognize When Purchasing Custom Made Jewelry

Every girl desires to have a custom diamond ring when dating.
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The world of fashion has evolved a lot. Custom designed jewelry is no longer exclusive for the rich and famous. There are massive changes in the technology of making jewelry. It has made the process faster and, as a result, cheaper to get a custom made piece. 

Custom made jewelry has gained popularity in the fashion world. It has also changed the dating scenes. Every girl desires to have a custom diamond ring in the course of their dating. If you want to make her say yes, then a custom made ring will help you a lot. 

There are amazing things to consider before buying custom designed jewelry. The points help you identify the best jeweler and design. Also, you will be able to tell your story uniquely. Have the following tips at your fingertips, and you will never go wrong. 

Research on Designers

The first step towards acquiring custom-designed jewelry is identifying a designer. You cannot estimate on a budget if you have no idea what it may cost you. Different designers have different charges, depending on their expertise and experience. The quality of the material they use to make the jewelry also differs. 

Not all renowned designers who sell fine jewelry have the craftsmanship to make excellent custom pieces—research on stores that work with certified jewelers. Also, check the customer reviews. Also, analyze the tone of the reviews to know if they are real or fake. Settle for the best jeweler you can afford.

Plan Upfront

If you plan to have an engagement party, you will need to have a ring ready before the event. Thus, you should schedule a few months before to receive your ring. Many processes go on between the time you place an order and the time you receive the ring. Thus, give yourself and your designer ample time to work on your piece. Planning also helps you have enough time for consultations and any necessary adjustments.

Plan a Budget on Your Custom


Designed Jewelry

As you already know, custom-designed jewelry does not cost the same as pre-designed jewelry. The uniqueness of every piece adds some extra cost to the articles. Also, you have the choice to choose high-quality material, which might not be the case with pre-designed jewelry.

Thus, it would be best if you had a budget estimate before settling for custom jewelry. 

Prepare Consultation Time

Consultation consumes most of the time before you get your piece of jewelry. At this stage, you show the designers some examples of jewelry designs. You can also present some sketches to grasp the idea of what you want.

Explain in detail the jewelry design you want. You can even mention on special occasions you need the pieces. They can advise you on the best designs they have. Also, list the types of metals and gemstones you may desire. You can also ask for a CAD or wax model of the piece. It gives you a 3D idea of how your final piece will appear. 

Select a Design

Once you finish the consultation with your jeweler, select a design that you want.

Allow them to draw the sketches and show them to you. If they are not satisfied, ask for alteration. Only move to the next step once you are happy with the drawing. Remember, a poor sketch results in a low jewelry piece.

Select a Metal and Gemstone

The most crucial process of getting custom-designed jewelry is selecting metal and a stone. Gold and silver are the most desired metals for custom jewelry. However, there are other metals you can choose from. Your designer will advise on the best metal for your design. Also, your choice and color of a gemstone advise on the selection of metal.  

Think About Repair Issues

Incidences arise where you will need a repair for your jewelry. It would be best if you kept that in mind before you settle on a design. Very complex designs are hard to repair, but excellent designers can handle the case, only that it will be expensive. Also, please keep all the receipts because they will help you bargain for the repair charges.

Warranties and Aftercare

Ensure that all the steps are in writings: write down the metal, gemstone, delivery date, and price. Confirm if your jeweler offers a warranty and aftercare services. Also, you need to know if they do repairs and resizing. Ensure that you insure your jewelry. In the note, include who made the custom piece for you. The details give your jewelry value beyond money.


When you recognize the tips listed above; you are sure to get the best custom designed jewelry within your budget. Make a statement with that custom piece. You’ll realize you never needed to break a bank. 

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