Woman trying on gold bracelet in jewelry store

Getting the Real Deal: 4 Ways to Tell Whether Your Gold Jewelry Is Authentic or Not

Sometimes, the difference between real gold and its faux counterparts can be difficult to see.


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Creativity Unleashed: Craft Your Own Jewelry From Scratch

Custom jewelry is a style trend that will not fade away too soon. It emphasises your personality and adds to your talents enhancing your personal confidence in the meantime. Thinking of entering the DIY market for jewelry? Take notes!


Who Is Irene Neuwirth and Why Should You Wear Her Jewelry?

If gorgeous, unique jewelry inspired by nature is your kind of thing, then Irene Neuwirth is a designer who you need to check out.

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10 Ways You Can Use Jewelry to Enhance Your Outfit

Is there anything more stressful than trying to pick out the perfect outfit? Yes, there is: trying to pick out the right jewelry to go along with that perfect outfit.

bride statement necklace

5 Jewellery Trends for Summer Brides in 2018

A wedding is an incredibly special occasion, and a bride always wants to feel stunning on her special day. She may have the dress, the hair, and the makeup, but what about the accessories?

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5 Christmas Gifts for Your BFF

When the countdown to Christmas Eve begins, searching for the spot-on gifts for your best friend can be a tiring task, but with some ideas, you can surprise her. I think I can help by sharing you some beauty gifts ideas for your BFF.

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5 Ways to Hint That All You Want for Christmas Is a Diamond Ring

If it’s time for “that ring” to go on your finger, Christmas is a great time to take the hinting to the next level.


Fashion Jewelry – Trends in Fall-Winter 2010

Jewels are very important for a woman, so, find out what are the hottest rends in jewelry in fall 2010, and choose the correct accessories for your outfits.

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Perfumes and fragrances are a part of beauty treatment and will enhance makeup, hair and most important, your mood.