Why Wear Gold Jewelry When Get Married?

It turns out that gold jewelry has these beautiful meanings!

In the traditional Chinese wedding, the bride must wear gold jewelry on the day of marriage. In addition to representing happiness and eternity, it also symbolizes status and wealth and becomes an indispensable part of marriage. How many meanings do you know of the nine meanings of traditional wedding gold jewelry?

  • Gold has always been regarded as a symbol of wealth. The bride is married and leaves her family. The woman’s parents give her daughter some gold jewelry https://www.getnamenecklace.com/ as a dowry and a good blessing. It means that the woman will have a rich life in the future, and she will not suffer hard after she marries the man. At the same time, the gold jewelry given to the daughter by the parents is usually used as the “private money” of the woman, not as the common property of both husband and wife. If the woman encounters any difficulties or changes in the marriage, she can use these gold jewelry to ” help meet an urgent need.”
  • In the traditional concept, the more the bride wears the gold jewelry, the more decent the host is, and the more the bride is favored and blessed. 
  • The gift of gold jewelry is a wish that new couples are stronger than gold and it’s golden destiny, with commemorative and heritage value. 
  • The gold earrings symbolize “multiple sons and grandchildren”, the beautiful meaning for offspring. 
  • The dragon and phoenix bracelets are traditional Chinese wedding accessories, which take its meaning of prosperity brought by the dragon and the phoenix, so they must be purchased “on a pair.” Especially when wearing the most Chinese-style skirts, a pair of bracelets is even more essential. 
  • The dragon and phoenix bracelets are mostly given to the bride by parents and elders of the men and women. Most of them are given to the bride during the serve tea ceremony, so the bride must wear it all to show respect. 
  • Necklaces or pendants or earrings for women will usually be paired to take a harmonious coordination.
  • Pendants usually choose peony, lotus or lily and other patterns with auspicious meaning. Peony is known as the “king of flowers”, the flower language is: complete, affectionate, rich. Twin lotus flowers on one stalk means “together with the heart.” Since ancient times, Chinese people regard lily as an indispensable auspicious flower for wedding, expressing the expectations of a hundred years of good cooperation. 
  • Until today, the wedding gold decoration design style is relatively simple and fashionable, the dragon and phoenix bracelet is no longer only a single dragon and phoenix pattern, but the far-reaching significance contained in it is enduring. 

Wedding nine treasures is a ritual in combination with traditional Chinese wedding customs. It extracts nine most representative auspicious and affluent objects from the essence of Chinese traditional culture. The idea of combining jewelry with culture, extracting creative ideas from traditional Chinese culture, and packaging wedding jewelry skillfully with culture has received good market feedback. The exquisite small accessories are carefully crafted and have nine kinds of small accessories, hence named as “Wedding Nine Treasures”, which means “long lasting”.

In the time of our fathers and grandfathers, there is “no three gold, no marriage”, the bridegroom must buy three gold jewelry for the bride before marriage: gold necklace, gold earrings and gold ring. But now the new “three gold” has become the new favorite couple jewelry of new couples. What is the new “three gold”? The new “three gold” are not all gold ornaments, but diamonds, gold and jade. It is said that gold symbolizes wealth, diamonds represent love and firmness, and jadeite means family and happiness. The three add up and make more sense.

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